The best day to buy Algorand, 2016 repeat, end of altbear market

BINANCE:ALGOUSDT   Algorand / TetherUS
Notice the repeating pattern from March 29th Midnight GMT . This is the bottom. Alt season is about to start as Bitcoin Dominance plummets. Ripple and Institutional Blockchains like Algorand and Vechain are about to take over the space.

This is it, the great reset is set to start as early as March of 2021. Check IMF reports, a massive Gold sell off is coming.
Comment: Follow me on twitter, buying more $algo here, thank you for this dump, wonderful
Comment: Buying more here
Trade active: Adding to my bag here, amazing price
Trade active: Massive head and shoulders, watch out, trading active, scalping, accumulating, don't let your guard down
Comment: Very bullish news, staying put and no longer accumulating
Comment: Bitcoin is going to present a small window to buy around 14k to 15k. Plan accordingly and buy the dip. Second Wednesday of December will see bitcoin hitting 20k for the first time in history, though I suspect anticipation will shock and surprise. Great time to accumulate algorand's algo. Cheers.
Comment: Correction, Bitcoin may only hit 17k before 20k the 3rd Monday of December, great time to buy Algo will be this Sunday at noon or Monday morning to the latest. If you missed my previous call, this is it, your lifetime opportunity before Altseason in 2021. Buy price, 27 cents, 28 cents, 29 cents and 30 cents.
Comment: Bullish W pattern confirmed, expect a breakout as bitcoin dominance starts to plummet in the coming weeks. This is the official start of the long awaited altseason we've all been patiently waiting for. Watch out for Feb 27th 2017 fractal. When comparing XRP and Bitcoin back then, it's clear to see how crazy it's going to be in the first 2 quarters of 2021.
Trade active: 53 cents, 57 cents, 95 cents, 1.25, rebuy at 76 cents, 1.88, double top 1.95, rebuy at 99 cents, 5 dollars, rebuy at 3 dollars, sell a bit above 10 dollars, extended fibonacci sits at around 16 dollars. That's the top. Total valuation 30 billion. 50% staked, around 4 billion circulating supply. Ranking, top 5, if only for a moment, then top 20. Time range, 3 to 6 months. Enjoy profits, help your family, start up or have a nice life. Cheers
Comment: Double bottom in 4 hours, sideways for 4 days and KABOOOOOOOM!!!!!!!!!!! TO THE
Comment: I stopped trading, just hold for months to come, possible top is at exactly 100 dollars. Truly life changing year.
Comment: 5 dollars coming up next
Comment: Are you for the second wave? This is it! Fasten your seatbelt
Comment: This is going to take a while, we took the xrp 2016 path instead of the ethereum 2016 one, no worries, still accumulating till November 2021
Comment: Algo is going to skyrocket, this is it folks, it's now or never