Will AMC do what GME did?

NYSE:AMC   AMC Entertainment Holdings, Inc
One of the largest theater chains in the world took a beating with their financials due to this pandemic. If you are optimistic and enjoy the cinemas, you could think that with vaccines and a possible healthier post-pandemic world, where everything goes back to normal... that AMC can recover. Which is certainly why I have this in my long term investing portfolio. However this is very risky as they are on the brink of bankruptcy, a major business plan revision would be needed. Now... recently it was up nearly 7% Friday with no related news to the business... over 100 million volume came in (3-4x avg vol), this could be the pump situation that happened with GME and we could see a big move coming shortly so this gives couple lotto options that i would consider

1) Buy shares here, sell at the possible resistance I have on the chart or ride it up to my pt (medium risk: low reward)
2) $1C for 1/2023 now around 200$ (I'm already in, low risk: high reward leap)
3) $3C 1/29 .42 lotto or $5C 1/29 .23 (low risk: high reward)

Disclaimer: Im not a financial advisor


Congrats on the win. HUGE day. I saw it up in the morning but passed and regretted it for the rest of the day.
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jUiCE_Trades Profit_Center
@Profit_Center it was a nice gain yesterday, sold all weeklies riding out my February contracts, waiting for that short squeeze
AMC had bad financials BEFORE the pandemic. They ve performed a lot of share dilution. Wouldn't bet on them being the next GME
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jUiCE_Trades tay_tay86
@tay_tay86 I agree but this thing has some insane vol rn, getting ready for that short squeeze
Is it expected to go for a daily or weekly swing starting tomorow? what are some good buy in prices? I know ur not a financial advisor btw
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do u think it's best to get in at 1.87 or at 1.00?
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@buma well it’s hard to tell if it will go that low honesty anything near 2$ is a buy for me, but I’ve been in long term calls earlier this year. Just now seeing some hype going on with wsb and possibly seeing a short squeeze here
Hi can you tell me what is going on with AMC it was up i tried buying a call for 30 cents couldn't get filled right at the close, I lost my butt on GME don't want to do the same here. What do you think about cciv stock as well SPAC play.
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jUiCE_Trades mannyjavaid
@mannyjavaid, so nothing special really happened except a massive increase in volume, now this was after Biden proposed his 1.9 Trillion colid relief package. So this good news for more consumer spending but not really related to amc. same thing happened with GME where people on wsb reddit was going crazy with it so they could do the same to amc. CCIV i sold before the week but i dont know much on them except they are merging with Lucid motors. I can give a friends twitter that covers spacs like that, his twitter is @BluSuitInvest and he a couple post on cciv
mannyjavaid jUiCE_Trades
@jUiCE_Trades, thank you
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