NYSE:AMC   AMC Entertainment Holdings, Inc
1. Ask yourself why you want to invest, is it out of jealousy from others cashing in big? Do you want to be apart of the next big hype stock? If you answer yes to either of these do not trade, trading from this emotional perspective will only result in you losing money.

2. Warren Buffet said ''be greedy when others are fearful and fearful when others are greedy'' apply this logic to your decisions, chances are if the stock has pumped tenfold already and people are still greedy this could be an indicator you shouldn't trade - there are always more opportunities.

3. Ask yourself ''am I a sheep?'' Sheep do not make money in the stock market, do not blindly follow peoples ideas, question them and formulate your own understanding.

4. Where did you see the stock? if it was on the news the ship has sailed and you shouldn't buy it, at this point it is already too late.

5. Be careful of stocks that appear to be pushed by the same groups of people - this indicates little to no adoption and they are hoping that you buy their bags from them.

6. If you can't explain what the company does and why it's a good idea do not buy it. Always do your research first, learn about the team, the product, the vision and financials before investing.

7. If the market is mostly green its time to sell, if the market is mostly red, its time to buy.

8. Is it a meme stock? if yes either be an early adopter or do not buy it.

9. Have you got spare capital? always take into account your financial situation and be prepared to lose - never invest more you are willing to lose.

10. Learn to take losses - otherwise, you will end up holding your bag down a -80% drop.

Hope this was usefull
''Buy Big Sell BIGGER'' - MegaWhale