AMP Analysis

If BTC continues to 48k or better by Oct. 15th
AMP has potential to go to .064-.074 First Target
Then find support at .056 area
next target would be .094 if break could run
My long term target is .1824
If .046 does not hold support possible breakdown to .029 - .039
Let's go BTC get above 45k and things will be interesting.
Will be looking to exit my position by Oct.15. I expect a major shakeout in BTC but think it will make a decent run possibly to $56k-$59k then dump hard before a new ATH .

Que Insults etc...
Comment: What is BTC gonna do? Plan to still hold position til mid October
.0435 area acting as current support.
If .043 area breaks .040-.041 next support target
Think a good pump is due in near future
.064 target 1
.09 target 2
.1834 target 3
Comment: support of .043 broken
targeting .038-.041
Comment: Watch BTC if it gets to around 45k might be another pullback unless it clears 45k then back tests support there. Happy trading
Comment: Possible Inverted Cup and Handle
Watch Neckline to confirm direction
Changing Target 1 to .054-.059 Monitor for Signs of retest to Neckline (might run to .074)
Retest Neckline .04-.042
If Neckline breaks a pretty big fall to the bottom of channel to .009-.012
Just a thought let me know what you guys think Cheers
Comment: Broke .045 lets see if it can get to .055 and break it would be nice
Comment: AMP lookin good trying to get to .05 and hopefully break .055 and off to races
Comment: 4HR Chart is looking pretty good
see if it can hit .054 then back test .045 then take out .055 to .074-.094
.1824 target would be fantastic
Comment: Lets pump baby come on!!
Pump Pump Pump it up...
Comment: Some price action happening soon
Could easily hit .064-.074 to .089
Comment: Well .050 better hold for support that was ridiculous
Comment: Awesome trading yesterday and probably the next couple weeks at least of this month.
Comment: if it can take out the .055 will get interesting
Comment: Keep an eye on .05 being tested hard
If breaks down .04, .045, .048 some targets
Comment: Thats about all I got for now
Comment: Boomsticks
Comment: Might Retest the Supply Area .046 -.047 possibly .045 area (possible wick to .038)
then roll out in last update.
Comment: Looks like a possible target to put some tid bits on .04676
Comment: Still correcting looking for new trend line pivot point.
Keep some extra cashola nearby .049-.048 should hold but might be stop loss hunting
Comment: Gonna probably be a lot of exhaustion before this thing confirms a new trend. Trade wisely.
Comment: Looks like a nice pattern to sneak out the doggy door.
Happy Trading
Comment: Lets go
Comment: Look like a perfect head and shoulders pattern following
Well First Target got hit .058
Neckline .046-.047 Needs to form right should probably a pump up to .052-.054
.037-.039 starts to look like the next down target if we can get out of the .05-.055 area. Lets see how in plays out.
Probably a pump to .057 to .037 LOL
Target .089 and .1824 are my long term targets
Comment: Not a big fan of the daily how it seems to be playing out
.055-.056 to .027 couple options as targets
.008 & .027 possible target inverted cup and handle daily
possible target of .08 not likely but we shall see
Lets see how it plays out
Comment: I am bored came up with a possible crazy move. What the hell who knows
.098 to .055 to .075 to .025 to .040 to .008 to ATH LOL its late
Happy Trading
Comment: Think this supply/demand area needs to be hit to take off .04-.042 area
Happy Trading
Comment: Daily 50/200 touching/crossing just a heads up
Trade active: This thing is crazy just giving a couple different options of things. Has a lot of potential signals.
Focusing on .04189 and .03589
Let me know what you think?

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