Pulse of an Asset via Fibonacci: AMP's perfect Golden Growth Fib

This Chart is a an example of a "Golden" Fib series.
This Concept is from "Chapter 5" of my going "book".
This Religion is of the universality of the "Golden Ratio".

Marked on chart are "Pings", ricochets that one can almost HEAR.
"Not all Pings start a reversal, but Most reversals start with a Ping."
Top had a "Loud" ping, with subsequent waves also marked by Pings.

Every Ping is like a bug hitting a spider's Web.
The vibration alerts and emboldens other strands.
Thus we observe the behavior at each strand for clues.


I do not use "Fibs" in the "traditional" manner (retracements).
I use Fibs to plot "Ripples" (extensions) created by "Impulses".
Then look for "Confluences" to map the "interference Pattern".

My "Book" detailing my Methodology with Numerous Examples:
Chapter 1: Introduction and numerous Examples
Chapter 2: Detailed views and Wave Analysis
Chapter 3: The Dreaded 9.618: Murderer of Moves
Chapter 4: Impulse Redux: Return to Birth place
Chapter 5: Golden Growth: Parabolic Expansions
Chapter 6: Give me a ping Vasili: 'one' Ping only
Chapter 7: The Mighty 2.618: like a Rook in Chess

the Golden Ratio is my Religion
the Trading View is my Nation
the Moderator Tag is my Flag