The ''Pulse'' of an asset times Fibonacci

COINBASE:LTCUSD   Litecoin / U.S. Dollar
Fibonacci traders try to grasp the ''pulse'' or ''bandwidth'' of the waves in a movement.

I noticed the above just goofing around, and wanted to put it out there before I forgot about it.

Will update with more thoughts and examples of Fibs once this crash is over :)
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Another example of the energy waves on the smallest scales:
The Fibs help Elliott Wave analysis.
wave 3's often reach 2.618 of wave 1
waver 5's often dont go much further, usually to next fib.
Thus I can confident in this microscopic 12345.
Then I try to see how that little price fits into the next bigger piece and so on
Comment: Another example of my thought process
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LTC does it again: Perect Fib compliance.
Comment: Another example by LTC.
There was a smaller move first (red) whose extensions lost power with distance.
There there was a bigger move that is currently defining the landscape
Comment: Better formatted pic.
Notice how the smaller red impulse still produced some echoes/lines but weaker with distance
Comment: Another example of the world of Fibs
Comment: WOW, the crazy world of fib ratios.
USDJP"Y gapped oven after weekend.
I fib'd the GAP, only the UN-filled part after attempting gap close
Comment: Interesting example of fib placement.
Instead of starting at the very top of price, I tried a lower peak.
And suddenly the 1.618 and 2.618 extensions locked in perfectly.
So that is what I will use as my Primary Count.
Comment: Wow, just found this.
I wonder if this BTC downturn was predictable?
Comment: Wow again. Like Lightning knows the least resistance point BEFORE it leaves the cloud, Fib waves apparently know about the target AT BIRTH
Comment: Another series of Fib events worth noting.
EURUSD this time, showing the waves of movement pefectly.
Comment: They are EVERYWHERE! The Universal Laws of Fibysics
This little pebble (5 minute candle with 0.16% movement)

Set off these 618 ripples, and with a sign of bullish momentum gaining.
Comment: I posted this about two weeks ago abovce (it had jut hit the 7.618 extension).

And now there appears to have been another example on a smaller time frame:

Perhaps this is the type of movement that the ''Gartley"s and 'Bats' and such come from?
Comment: wow.
Another example of the power of the Golden Ratio
This time on a Medium Time frame cascade.
Comment: Another example of how an impulse force and make ripples long after.
AUDUSD this time, on 4 hour chart.
Do those lines give any indication of direction?
Of course not. But they are like traffic lights.
IF something is going to happen, it will be LIKELY at one of those lines.
Comment: Another example of finding the ''pulse'' of an asset.
Gold this time. The down move had distinct steps, precisely to each .618 extensions.
Notice the last move, which ricocheted EXACTLY between the two fibs.
Given Trump's jawboning down of the USD, I am now looking for long soon.
Comment: More measured evidence for a ''Pulse'' or ''Natural Bandwidth'' of an asset.
Comment: YEN this time, showing the ''Pulse'' or ''Natural Bandwidth'' phenomenon.
Comment: Has been a while since I posted examples, but that is only because I see so many EVERY DAY that they seem 'common'. But here is another Picture Perfect example, BTC this time, on short tf
Comment: Higher timeframe chart of the BTC again, same current time but larger fractal. No matter how big or how small I look, the fibs are ALWAYS there
Comment: Another beautiful example.
Even the AVERAGE price of 225 of Japan's largest stocks (the Nikkei 225 index) is bound by fibs, and EXACTLY!!
Comment: Another example of absolutely prefect Fib Extensions
Comment: Here is an example of a MASSIVE scale: EurUsd weekly: EU weekly. what happened in July 2008 STILL has its effect today
Comment: Another fascinating Fib, AUDUSD doing the .618/.236 dance
Comment: AUDUSD still liking this Fib
Comment: Interesting Fib extensions on EU 5 min This was on a day with Brexit news, US stock market craziness, crypto crashes. Even during crazy swings, the underlying frequency is immutable.
Comment: An example of how Fibs help with Elliott Wave analysis. Here is a picture perfect 12345 with ABC correction. Notice the precise recognition of each fib line
Comment: Interesting resonance at the .382 ratios
Comment: Another interesting example of the Golden Ratio. Each orange line is 1.618x the previous.
Comment: Yet another example. Even during big crashes or bulls runs, the Golden Ratio dictates all start and stop point
Comment: Another great example by LTC. Each of these fib lines is 1.618x the previous one
Comment: Another example of why Fibs dont lie. When a 9.618 of primary wave lines up with a 4.236 of thirtery wave, that is a top
absolutely perfect alignment and thus the absolute retrace.
Comment: XRP this time with a run up to a 9.618 which was the top. Then an apparent bounce at the 4.618
Comment: Example of Fib expansion on a MASSIVE asset this time: the SP500 index
Comment: Another example, in this case Total Crypto Market Cap been following this ever since TV added this ticker, and another example of the BIGGER scale (of value and time) you look at, the MORE effective Fibs are.
Comment: Basic Example of "How to Fudge your Fibs" (see text on snap)
the Golden Ratio is my Religion
the Trading View is my Nation
the Moderator Tag is my Flag

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I saw this lasting ripple effect in the May 6 2010 Flash Crash and yet did not apply myself to understand the underlying math. It blew my mind and my capital.Thank you for your insight and your efforts, I sincerely appreciate it and you. Mx
Good sharing.
Would you mind testing my Fibonacci set and see if it works out for you in some manner. I researched diligently how I can get the best hidden Fibonacci ABCD pattern projections/extensions, especially before nearing the target (in contrast with/against your 2nd Fib of Jun 1 2018) I see its late there, so I figured why not share to test its usage concerning Fibo ABCD patterns and other uses for EuroMotif:

0.00 = Gray #808080
0.14 = Red
0.214 = Blue #0000ff
0.236 = Orange

0.382 = Bright Green
0.50 = Bright Green
0.618 = Turquoise #08e8de

0.764 = Aqua
0.786 = Orange

1.00 = Gray #a9a9a9
Extensions within Fib Retracement Set
1.18 = Red
1.27 = Blue #0000ff
1.45 = Orange
1.618 = Aqua
1.786 = Orange
1.876 = Orange
2.00 = Orange
2.333 = Bright Green
2.618 = Red
3.00 = Dark Violet
3.618 = Low opacity: Bright Green
4.382 = Low Opacity: Aqua
Color References:

(BTW/FYI the Colors established are in Spectrum Order for creating a system)
Checkmark Reverse
Levels Percents

What'd you come up with EuroMotif?
It's like the flapping of a butterfly's wings... creates the hurricane... vis a vis - chaos theory
EuroMotif pacman7331
@pacman7331, Indeed! Excellent analogy and very applicable.
I am in awe every day that this phenomenon happens at all, let alone to such precision.
And it happens in all assets in all time frames....
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incredible work
Thanks for sharing all this ! Which TV tool do you use to plot these levels ? Can't get these easily with built-in Fib levels...
EuroMotif klonaway
@klonaway, Hi. I use the ''Fib Retracement'' tool, and then in it settings I change the variuos line values as seen above.
SAME THING can be done with the ''Fib Extension'' tool. But that tool requires choosing 3 points to initiate, while the FibRetrace tool takes only 2 points.
I guess I use the Fib tool as more of a Tape Measure than anything else ...
Sephiroth4269 EuroMotif
@EuroMotif, When deciding how high to set the tool, and where to set 0 what do you do? It seems almost too easy to arbitrarily set the tool to levels that have already been met...
Interesting! Thanks for sharing! Similar to Gann’s time-price relationship but without the time factor.

This one is still going well