Pulse of an asset in Fibonacci: Chapter 6: Give me a ping Vasili

Chapter 6: "Give me a ping Vasili, one Ping only please"

"Impulse" is a surge that creates "Ripples", like a pebble into water.
Each of the Ripples has precise bounds defined by the "Golden Ratio".
Until a new Impulse occurs, the Price oscillates within "Energy Bands".

Markets quite often ask "Give me a ping Vasili ... ONE Ping only please?"
Some Pings are so clean you can almost HEAR them resonate off the chart.
Such a Ping causes the Price Wave to STAGGER as if it received a concussion.

Not all Pings start a reversal, but most reversals start with a Ping.
Every Ping increases our confidence in the entire set of Ripples.
When the Pings stop, it is time to find the new Impulse at work.


This is "Chapter 6" of my ongoing "Book" detailing my methodology.
The first five chapters are linked below, best to start with #1 and #2.
I will use this publication to collect "Pings", and to study the after effects.

Previous Chapters:
Chapter 1: Introduction and numerous Examples.
Chapter 2: Detailed Samples and multiple Impulses.
Chapter 3: The Dreaded 9.618: Murderer of Moves.
Chapter 4: Impulse Redux: Return to the Birth Place.
Chapter 5: Golden Growth: Nature's Perfect Expansion.
Chapter 6: Give me a ping Vasili, one Ping only please.



Ordered Chaos

every Wave is born from Impulse, like a Pebble into Water.
every Pebble bears its own Ripples, gilded of Ratio Golden.
every Ripple behaves as its forerunner, setting the Pulse.

each line Gains its Gravity .
each line Tried and Tested.
each line Poised to Reflect.

every Asset Class behaves this way.
every Time Frame displays its ripples.
every Brain Chord rings these rhythms.

He who Understands will be Humble.
He who Grasps will observe the Order.
He who Ignores will behold only Chaos.

Ordered Chaos

Comment: BTC.usd with a beautiful set of pings (beautiful for bears) There were many more pings on smaller timeframe, but notice the very LOUD ones and price reaction after them.

Comment: ^^Same Fib as Last pic ^^
Now dropped a couple more bands
Comment: BTC.usd with a Seriously Important Ping
That fib is from the "Golden Growth" experienced by Bitcoin in 2019 That fib series covers from the bottom at 3.3k to this top at 14k or so.

Thus the important of that ping.

Comment: XAU.USD example on Daily after Big Geopolitical events.

Daily chart, from $1200 bottom to 6 year highs at $1611 Impulse from $1196.44 to $1346.74 and its Ripples have controlled many of the turning points in this massive asset.


Zoom IN (1h) for a closer look at the last two Pings Using the Magnet tool I attached the Price Labels to the High for the candles.
Of note, the 1st Ping was off by just 20 cents !
Also of note, the 2nd was off by a little more, 38 cents.

Interestingly, that MINOR difference is a CLUE!
There was some deceleration at play, so possible TOPPING signal.


Zoom back OUT (1D) to wonder about these Near Misses (Blue arrows) or Total Misses (Red arrows): What about those? Two answers:
1) Some of the near misses were NOT misses when viewed on smaller times scale, there may have been a prefect Ping on a 15 min candle, for example.
2) Some of the near misses or Total misses were HIT by OTHER fibs (ripples) from other Impulses which had their own pings on some of these candles.
3) Sometimes price turns without any fib reflecting it, and that is a CLUE and worthy of further investigation because:
- - that was a NEW Impulse (force) that acted on the Asset (mass) to change direction (Acceleration) ie: F=ma


- Pings on High timeframe Fibs should be taken MOST seriously. They could mark a long term change in trend.
- IF there is a change in Ping proximity to the Fib, that can offer clues as well. Is the mass accelerating or decelerating?
- IF there is a change in direction without reflection from a Fib, then look for a NEW Impulse that is probably at work.

Comment: ZRX.USD with an absolutely Gorgeous example: Notice the perefect fib sequence to end of wave.
4.236 most common wave end.
4.618 second most common.
5.236 thirst most common.
After that, you need to scale UP your fib size.

Comment: SPX500 with a Beautiful example of a Ping
From this Fib Series on Hourly, with numerous pings on Smaller tf, there were many many more, but even on this Hourly we see the precision.

500 stocks,
100's of variables EACH,
1000's of funds moving
TRILLIONS of dollars,

Yet the AVERAGE of all of those variables turns on a PENNY!

Comment: XRP.USD 4h example (with unusual origin)

Many LOUD Pings on this fib "Loud" as in one can almost HEAR those resonate off the chart.


Zoom IN (1 h) for a closer look at last couple of Pings Some of the "Louder" pings on this wave.
That one marking the top, WOW - Imagine if Red October heard a Ping like that!


Zoom OUT (12 hour) for perspective of Impulse.

This fib is UNUSUAL because of the location of the Impulse Most of the time an Impulse will be close to a bottom or top.
But this Impulse looks to be in the middle of nowhere.
Even the whiplash moves before it did not cause Ripples.
Yet, I was not able to find any cohesive ripples off any of those earlier spikes.

- Pings are KEY EVIDENCE to confirm the existence and span of an Impulse.
- Not all pings start a reversal, but Most reversals start with a Ping.
- The LOUDER the Ping the more likely it has hit the "bottom" (or top).

Comment: BTC.USD example of a very IMPORTANT Ping:

Posted the snapshot below in chat, and asked: "Could this Ping be THE ONE" ?

That ping was off this Fib which captured all of 2019 forward Started with the Impulse in Feb 2019.
A small spark really, $3344 to $3711 was the Impulse.
The ripples emanating forth have been in control since.


From that Ping, came a 2.37% jump thus far Not huge for crypto but respectable, and that could be just the start.


If it proceeds to the next fib of that series, it would be a 7% gain Whether it gets there or not, the Ping did its job.
The Ping alerted us to a possible jump.
The Fib signals a big picture move in progress.


- Pings are great entry signals (or exit if opposite).
- Stop Loss just on other side of fib for minimal risk.
- Target the next fib of that series for maximum gain.

Comment: ETH.usd Ping
That was on this Big picture Fib (on daily):
Such big picture fibs do NOT often Ping that cleanly.
More often, big fibs tend to "capture" the price into "orbit" around it.


Along those lines of "orbit", here is a LIVE Chart of USD.JPY and $110.025 take a moment to study that one, amazing stuff.

Comment: BTC.USD example of Ping on a "Golden" Fib Golden as in each gold line is 1.618x the previous,
each Blue line is fib ratio in between golds.

Comment: BTC.USD again, in a typical high volatility move at resistance >3% drop in 6 MINUTES.
Made a Ping you could hear for miles away.
Was then followed by a second Ping on alternate fib.

The two fibs at play are medium time frame plots (from hourly), Medium tf fibs tend to Ping the most precisely.
High tf fibs (from daily/weekly) tend to capture price into orbit more often than repulse with a Ping. (will post examples of such in future)

Comment: ICX.BTC example of a LOUD Ping (live idea) "Loud" as in one could almost HEAR it resonate off the charts.
Loud as in it screamed GET OUT at me.

Comment: BTC/USD and "the Power of Pings"

Two attempts to bounce, Two fails, until that PING, then Rocket!!
ALSO, it shows the power of the 2.618: like a Rook in chess, will run over anything once provoked.


Comment: 1INCH.usd with a high timeframe example New crypto, and the "Golden Growth" it is undergoing.
That Ping probably rang in a "local" top if not "the" top.
Such an exact ricochet tends to "stun" the price for a while.

Comment: ZEC/USD with an example of a LOUD Ping

1min chart After a typical crypto crash, that bounce could be "heard" for a long time.


Interestingly, that Drop started with a Ping as well and caused a 24% drop in 30 minutes.
Thus my usual saying: "Not all Pings start a Reversal, but Most reversals Start with a ping".
And why I ALWAYS pay attention to Pings, many of them mark a reversal.


For perspective, here is the entire fib The Impulse was from the Secondary top in 2018.
Of note: Many times, it is the secondary top that calibrates the wave down.


Always, always, ALWAYS pay attention to Pings.


Comment: DASH.usd with an interesting example on 2 hour timeframe: :
An "Impulse" is like a pebble falling into water, creating "ripples" like energy bands that linger and effect/define the resulting wave. In this case it looks like a big straight line spike that was the initial result of the Impulse, but it was divided per the Golden ratio, proven by the retrace AFTER the spike. The numerous Pings (even on 2 hour candles and there were many more on smaller timeframes) confirm the IMPULSE by showing the EXACT location of its RIPPLES.


the Golden Ratio is my Religion
the Trading View is my Nation
the Moderator Tag is my Flag

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