The ''Pulse'' of an asset times Fibonacci: Chapter 2

COINBASE:LTCUSD   Litecoin / U.S. Dollar
Every move in a price chart starts with an ''Impulse'', imagine it like a ''Pebble''.
When the Pebble hits water it creates ''Ripples'' that are captured by the Fib Series.
Each Ripple has equal distances between peaks and troughs, or what I call the ''Pulse''.

Each Line has Gravity .
Each Line must be Tested.
Each Line has a Personality.

Every Asset Class behaves this way.
Every Time Frame shows these ripples.
Every Human Brain is susceptible to them.

This is a followup to my previous tutorial linked below.
That one has gotten very long with so many updates as examples.
PLEASE spend some time on the numerous examples in the first publication below:
Comment: Looks like another test and reflection in the making
Interstingly, this last bounce has been making its own ripples, captured by this Green Fib
If I plot both (original blue fib and new green), the confluence areas are what really matter now
Comment: Going back to examples from other assets. Here is a microscopic Fib in development on the AUDUSD pair on 1 min chart lol
Comment: Another example I have been watching for a while is on 5 min ETH/USD Zoomed in
Comment: Another ETH example and how I think about these lines
Comment: BTC with a picture perfect impulse wave and subsequent resetting wave
Comment: Tron in Tiger Stripe
Comment: Picture perfect Impulse wave in Bitcoin 15 min candles
Comment: TRXUSD (Tron) 4 hour chart with a Picture Perfect impluse wave
Comment: Beautiful example on BTC 5min chart The 4.236 is common end of many waves, and given the progress towards that goal, I am quite confident it will be hit, AND it should give a pretty good bounce.

Comment: BTC on 5 min chart again
Comment: Perfect example of the 9.618 Wave Ending
Comment: Example of a Fib series that is sloppy but keeps confirming with exact pings and there
Comment: Here is an example and amazing observations during this USDCAD Trade
Since posting that Idea, UC has been making progress towards first target while still respecting each Fib That red fib at 1.132755 was a concern while it was climbing.

Closer measurement of the move shows its own Impulse and the ripples, just as ALL moves have And, it shows why it bounced a little ABOVE the red fib at 1.32755. That red fib's repulsion was added to that of blue 5.618, allowing it to deflect price twice for a launch towards the next energy band.
Comment: Another beautiful example, AU this time, over a 2 day period. This one was first confirmed at the 2.236, then the 3.236 gave me 100% confidence in it. Have since been algo scalping each zone. The retrace looked like it would break free until it hit the .618 of original impulse, and Fib be like:
"oh no you DONT! Lest you forget who is Master, lick my 9.618 boots" :)

Comment: Wow, another perfect example on small timeframe with ONT this time Wow, I mean come on!
2.236 = w1,
1.236 = w2,
4.236 = w3,
4.618 = w5? wow!
And even had the little blow-off-top bull trap above the 4.618.
One COULDN'T make this shit up if one tried !

Comment: Example of Multiple Impulses and their usefulness, by ONG.
It was just launched on Binance less than 24 hours before this post.
It spiked out of opening gates to almost $4.00 (usdt) Yikes to 3.99 buyer.
But ignoring the launch spike and analyzing waves after bounce here:

Impulse 1: BIG waves with ROUGH boundaries - start of move.

Impulse 2: SMALL waves with CLEAN boundaries - continuation.

Impulse 3: SMALL waves with ROUGH boundaries - reaching end?

Imuplse 1+2+3: Overlaid, they point to the Red 4.236 around .6745, supported by two important Ripples of the two smaller fibs.

Comment: Another beautiful example from BTC 5min chart and this one shows an IMPORTANT occurance the 9.618.

The 9.618 is often a violent murderer of moves. The above was one example on small time frame, here is one from a higher tf a few months ago
BEWARE the 9.618 !

Comment: beautiful USDCAD example Band 2 is ALWAYS a strong contention zone. That fib was posted in USDCAD example few posts above, ie: not a hindsight

Comment: Perfect Picture by Ether
Pre-Fork run up along with btc.

Comment: GBP/USD on the 5 min
Comment: XAU/USD example of Fib Fractals:
3 min micro-fib t

rying to establish itself within this Big one
Comment: Give me a ping Vasiley ..... ONE ping only please

Comment: The ever reliable 4.236, dont leave home Ior orbit) without it 1.000 x 1.618 = 1.618
1.618 x 1.618 = 2.618
2.618 x 1.618 = 4.236
Bada-Bing Bada-Boom.

Comment: Ping ... USD/CAD example. The 2.618 is always important. normally in this situation, it would have rejected. But now acting like support, indicates trend change on this timeframe.

Comment: Interesting spot for the 2nd Impulse like 2nd stage rocket engine after jettison of 1st stage.

Comment: LTC/USD playing the 236 note
Comment: What a Beauty. ONT/USD (Ontology) movements within precisely defined fibs
Comment: Unusual example from ETH/USD:

Fib series of a move Up recently
Fib series of the Drop seen at end above
Both Fibs overlaid show close proximity (ie original frequency still in play)
Zoom on overlaid fibs shows microscopic moves off both fibs
I will be watching for one fib to take over.
If green then higher odds of going Up.
If red then higher odds of doing Down.

Comment: Uncommon (but not rare) Fib variance, of the .764-.618 band Makes for very tight bands. Great for trading as SL can be close.

Comment: wow, Fib nailed to 1/10 of a PIP, (not 1/10 of cent but .1 pip) WOW I had been watching and trading that fib for several days, eagerly awaiting the 9.618 for the final decision of GU's Fate.

Comment: XAU/USD with a Beautiful example of the 4.236, a very common end of wave
Comment: Great example of Impulses at work. Impulse 2 was revisited, and it powered it up again
Comment: EUR/USD showing that even large moves can start with a small Imuplse but no matter how big the move, it will have a Pulse, or the minimum Amplitude it wants to move. And that Pulse or Frequency is confirmed every now and then with and EXACT touch or "Ping".

Comment: Even crazy EUR/USD must abide the Laws of Fibsycs
Comment: Wow Gold. a $7 TRILLION asset and entire world said "1282.95 and not a PENNY less, BUY it all NOW" wow ..... pinch self ..... wow
Comment: BNB/BTC with gorgeous fib action from this bigger pic
Comment: LTC/USD with another PIcture Perfect move of 5 waves
Comment: BTC/USD with an interesting example of how Band 8 often compresses to the 382-618 when rest of wave was 236-618 interesting. Band 8 often compresses to the 382-618
Comment: LTC/USD example of the x.236 resonances lasting several weeks
Comment: RVN/BTC example of Multiple Impulses. When the Ripples of one Impulse no longer contain price, there must have been a new impulse. Per Newton, "an object in motion stays in motion until an outside force acts on it"

Comment: The relevance of an Impulse: That is where the buyers/sellers were in the first place, and still might be there.

Comment: GRS/BTC and some random fib thoughts as it played out at (1) i thought it could get to the 2.618 but when 2 and 3 happened became less likely, now if 4 can bounce without touching the 1.618 there might a shot at 2.618 yet

Comment: EIUR/USD with a perfect Fibture on 15min chart Common wave ending fibs are 4.236, 5.618, 8.236, 9.618, and 11.618. (at least in my research thus far)

Comment: GBP/USD after a highly volatile day (Brexit events) settling into its rhythm while consolidating in US and Asia sessions
Comment: GBP/USD with an interesting .382-.764 oscillation, EXECPT for the 4.236 - a highly dependable number in the FibVerse
Comment: RVN/BTC in Fibture Perfect pose demostrating the 4.236
Comment: ADA/BTC with an example of "Return to Impulse" the Impulse was confirmed by the numerous Pings on its Ripples. Rejection upon return shows sellers are still there. And thus the whole point of an "Impulse" is to find the price range where heavy buyers/sellers were active.

Comment: LTC/USD with another example of Return to Impulse
Comment: EVX/BTC with a massive move still has to follow the Pulse. TWO other interesting observations:
1) the gain was 168 % , hmmm...
2) Band 9-to-4 retrace, quite common

Comment: Ripples in Ripple (XRP)
Comment: LTC/USD with an example of Newton's Law applied: An Impulse in control remains in control until a new Impulse acts on it Red Impulse and ripples in control until Blue impulse happend, which broke the ref fib's rhythm immediately and has been in control since

Comment: MCO/BTC as an example of a crazy/spikey (pump n dump) type asset still follows the Ripples caused by an Impulse
Comment: Oil from the Bottom at $42 this phenomenon exists in all assets, in all time frames.

Comment: ZEC/USD with a beautiful 11.618 stretch
Comment: BTC/USD F-Ray of a 12% sudden dump, but still regulated by the Pulse set forth by initial push (Impulse) All those Pings pure coincidence? I think not. ....

Comment: GOLD m15 One leg of a massive mid-2019 rally due to China/US/Iran conflicts. ie: Even massive energy applied to an object will only cause it to jump from one energy level to another (albeit skip some in between). So regarding those skipped ones, likely they will be revisited and confirmed in the future.

Comment: BTC.USD example of a "Pulse" fib, where the pulse sets the underlying minimum unit of movement.
Comment: Continuation of BTC.USD just above
Comment: XAU.USD live chart with perfect rhythm:
Comment: XAU.USD again, 1 min chart, with two waves mapped:
not quite an AB=CD , but notice the precise stair-step of second wave.
Comment: LINK.USD example of Fib Placement thoughts My basic concept is to find "the Impulse" of each wave, and bracket it with Fib 0.0 and 1.0.
Then see where the extensions hit.
Then try various 0.0 and 1.0 placements.
Sometimes one or both choices are clear.
In this case the fib 1.0 was clearly indicated.
The fib 0.0 is assumed, after excluding first have of wave since it looked to be defined by the Red fib from higher TF.
Comment: ... continued LINK.USD example from above.

Some fine tuning of the fib drawn just above, and how it was confirmed by Pings
Comment: ETC.USD with an interesting example of Fibosity:

ETC.USD (1H tf) That red fib series with clear influence,

Was born here: (Daily tf) the Impulse that started the drop after Binance exchange started trading this asset.
(was hyped and pumped before launch, and then sell the news thing).

This example brings up a couple of points:
1) we are at "Impulse Redux" (return to the impulse, and look what happened).
2) once a fib pings are few times, it remains relevant FOREVER.
- because those numbers will have been ingrained into humans, computers, indicators, ma's etc.

The above "Ripples" generated by that "Impulse" are still being noticed over Year later.
One year in Crypto is very long time, similar to about 10 years in metals or stocks.
And yes, similar fib effects last for DECADES in other asset classes. (this one might too, but don't know yet).

Comment: BTC.usd example under the Microscope (30 sec chart).

EXAMPLE: Rejection from higher timeframe fib which forms an "Impulse", which then forms "Ripples" with many "Pings".
KEEPER: Look for Impulses resulting from a Ping.


Comment: BTC.usd with another interesting example.

EXAMPLE: Ping from higher tf Fib forms and Impulse which sets off Ripples that Ping the wave repeatedly:
Rejecting from High tf fib created an "Impulse" (fib 0,1) ,
which set off "Ripples" (fib extensions) emanating downward,
most of which reacted with "Pings" (exact ricochet) like energy bands.

KEEPER: Have confidence in the Ripples created by "Ping-Impulses".


Comment: BTC.usd example CONTINUED from ABOVE 2 snaps.

Two Concepts in one Example: 1) "Pulse" of a wave, or a minimum increment of movement, and multiples there of that become relevant.
2) Wave had returned to the "Impulse Core" (maximum resistance) when news hit about Capital Gains Tax Hike.
3) Even though news was a new Impulse (force) even the accelerated wave still followed the Pulse as increments.


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