AMZN: An opportunity to BUY? Let's see.

Hello traders and investors! Yes, AMZN did exactly what we expected, after it confirmed a top in my last analysis. Now, what to expect here?

First, despite the drop, keep in mind that we just hit a Dual-Support level in the daily chart . The first one is the 38.2% Fibonacci’s Retracement, and the second one is the 21 ema. In our last analysis, we set a target at the 21 ema , if it loses the “Trap Zone” we were looking at by the time it was above the $ 3,500. Link to my previous analysis is below this post, as usual.

Now, let’s see the 1h chart:

In the 1h chart, it seems we have an Exhaustion Bar: A large bar, with high volume , near the previous support that appears after a restless bearish movement.

This pattern wasn’t confirmed yet, but it makes perfect sense, given the D and 1h chart support levels. So far, we have a Harami candlestick , which might work as a reversal.

If we see any bullish confirmation tomorrow, I’ll consider AMZN as a buy. If you liked this analysis, remember to follow me to keep in touch with my daily updates, and support this idea if you liked it!

Have a good day!
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