Did you follow these analysts to buy Amazon?

dchua1969 Updated   
NASDAQ:AMZN   Amazon.com
Well, if you did, then either in Aug or Sep this year, I believe you are still in the red had you still hold on to Amazon shares.

While they may have good intentions, unfortunately their chart reading skills need some upgrading, haha.

Now, I think the price is just about to breakout from the bearish trend and if it closed above 1730.82 , I am going in to buy.

While I do not wish to see it drop further, there is a possibility that it might head to 1696.21 as well before the rebound OR breakout of 1730.82 and go sideway for a while before reaching 1696.21.

If that happens, I would be happy to buy at cheaper price.


While what this company wrote is factual about the returns, what it does to the late buyers are nothing but get them into a self blame mode. The "am I stupid? Why didn't I buy it ?" phrase circling in your mind and making you look stupid , someone with years of experience, maybe a MBA or PHD and yet you missed it.

Btw, trading and choosing company has nothing to do with all of this. So, again, take it with a pinch of salt and look at what you can do rather than what you did not do, ya?

The future of Amazon looks exciting with its slew of new business ventures like healthcare, self driving vehicle, Amazon Air, acquiring Deliveroo ,etc.
Praise the Lord, we are in the money and hope you are too !
Should we be worried for this ?
Possible support at 1821 level, hang on there.
Praise Lord. It went up 2.8% yesterday
I can say enough. Thank You God and Congrats if you are still with me
Praise Lord. Up , up and away........
take some profits and adjust your SL

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