ANET: Price Psychology, Fundamentals & Price Projection

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BATS:ANET   Arista Networks, Inc.
ANET is lacking in one important parameter in my checklist; that is, sales acceleration. Three year earnings growth rate is strong. A growing number of funds are adding this stock to there portfolios. It is not the best stock that I would like to own fundamentally, but it is a good stock to invest in. So, I will gradually add to it in smaller portions than normal until the fundamentals are no longer in favor.
Note: Earnings are coming out on Monday October 26, 2023.

ANET loves weekly 61.8% pullbacks since the beginning of its uptrend in March 2020 and since its inception around 2016.
A new weekly 61.8% pullback
Weekly HHHL with good volume
a-b-c equal legs completion + 3 bearish weeks down in an uptrend
uHd developing
horizonal+kijun support nearby
extreme indicator on the daily chart (not shown)

Price Projection:
If this is the bottom or near the bottom of the retracement in ANET's price, then the stock will reach 200 to 250 by December 2023 to January 2024, according to Fibonacci time projection analysis.

Final Assessment:
Stock correction is an opportunity to buy on a weekly dip as weak holders get flushed. Mid-term to long-term buyers will accumulate the stock.
Trade active:
Moved stop to break-even. I will hold this stock longer as long as the fundamentals stay great!
Staying long

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