#ANKR down to .05 cent area.

I know people don't like downtrends, but I see this as a great opportunity to gain money back if you didn't HODL and sold with the last #ANKR spike. When BTC inevitably dips (in my opinion to about 9k) #ANKR will see a similar dip percentage wise. That would take us to about . 05 or between a 70% and 80% drop from ATH . Rather than be upset about it or throw a fit, I reckon it's a great area to load up on some coins. Inevitably #ANKR and #BTC will reverse and loading up at great prices will bring a healthy return. #ANKR being the ONLY coin with Cross Chain technology means that it has HUGE upside potential. Additionally, #ANKR being listed on CoinBase (I don't like them either) is major because every coin listen when them has eventually hit 1$ in value or more (albeit temporarily for some). Lastly, #ANKR was just officially listed on Kraken (Again, I don't like them either), which is a huge new market of buyers without access to other Exchanges, which will inevitably drive the price up. So don't Fret.