ASX - ANN - Ansell

jonnytren Updated   
I had a mid term trade on this back in Feb 2021.
I took profit at the double top which has worked out well.
I have always had it on my watch list and now the opportunity has arisen for me to jump in with a larger stake for a much longer trade length.
This will be potentially a long term investment.

Founded in 1929, Ansell is the Aussie Proctor and Gamble.
from 2007 they have increased their dividend from $0.20 15 years ago to $0.79 now.
CADR of 10%. with a ROIC of 10% over the last 10 years Management have a proven track record of investing capital wisely.
Current dividend payout ratio is still at 40% so they potentially still have room to grow.
Current dividend yield is about 3.5% adding on the 10% yearly ROIC whilst reinvesting dividends ill be looking at a 13.5% yearly compound.

Continuing to hold, with a 50% + drop from its highs there has been some PE compression and feel like its got a solid floor under it with some value managers stepping in.