ADDED to $ATOS Target 6.84 for 35.71%

NASDAQ:ATOS   Atossa Therapeutics, Inc
🟢 $ATOS Target 6.84 for 35.71%

This one was caught by support so I added… I’ll add again at support if it goes that way… And if it breaks below I’ll double at 3.24


On the far right of the chart is my Average (Grey) Current Target (Green), and Next Level to add (Red) Percentage to target is from my average.

Numbers with an A are places that are a good idea to add if you can.
Numbers with a D are places where you should double your position.

I start every position with .5 - 1% of my account and build from there as needed and as possible.

I am not your financial advisor. Watch my setups first before you jump in… My trade set ups work very well and they are for my personal reference and if you decide to trade them you do so at your own risk. I will gladly answer questions to the best of my knowledge but ultimately the risk is on you. I will update targets as needed.
GL and happy trading.
Hardcore Swinger... Purely Technical... Just riding these crazy waves... I am not your financial advisor. Here's a link to my training video


Really appreciate your ideas! Any update on this one? Still adding below $3,24?
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@Dau30, Funny... I actually doubled today at 3.00... I'm just about to publish the new chart... give me a few minutes. This wild market is having me average down a lot of things...
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Dau30 LadyAmalthea12
@LadyAmalthea12, thanks for your response. I’ve also averaged down :)
I appreciate your ideas and responding to my previous comments. I was wondering in general, not this stock specifically, how long of a time frame and range do you generally have in mind for your swings? Thanks!
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@Katnow, My pleasure. Usually I like to point the arrow where I think it will go... based on past swings... but if it hits lower support levels than I have to recalculate... like this one - it hit and bounced off of a support level so I re-calculated the target date. I'm working on getting better at nailing the date.