SHORT | ATOS | Temporary price action | Valid before July

NASDAQ:ATOS   Atossa Therapeutics, Inc

LONG TERM I'm 100% Bullish , this is a possibility for 1 week

Possible Scenario: SHORT
Evidence: Price action

I expect a healthy correction, just temporary, before 28th June. and then it will bounce up to 12+ before July 16.

* It's my idea and could be wrong 100%
Trade active: TP1 Reached, lets go for TP2
Comment: I'm going to open PUT options, Strike 4$, July 16th.
SL :9.25
Exit point: 6.45
Comment: I opened short position also at 8$, I couldn't deny easy money
Trade closed: target reached
Comment: most likely it's going to test lower key-levels, I observed 8M$ ITM Call options, strike 0.5, 1.5, 2 that is for hedging long positions, they expect more drop.
Comment: join me in twitter: SHKSPRT
Comment: I guess it's valid for July also, even more.
As I trace option flow and price action and chart geometry, it's going to 4 or even 3$
Trade closed: target reached: Target Price 2 is hit
Comment: I expect more downtrends to 4.60 and 3.26
Comment: It happened, it hit 3.26 after a month
no pain, no gain


Seems you're dead accurate, never would have guessed a drop like this after Russell inclusion.
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shkspr Mayhem00
@Mayhem00, I spent 6 month of F life with ATOS, I roasted many times that I learned how it works,lol
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@Mayhem00, right? He/she is nailing these price targets
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@ELDORITO, HE my friend
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by lower key levels, you mean 2.11? do you think it'll get that low? I'm trying to go long. i have 61.8% retrace at around 4.7
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shkspr ChupacabraKing
@ChupacabraKing, 4.70 is great buy zone, but I expect 3.26 area will be hit. but I'll start accumulating at 4.60 area
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What's your opinion on July 16 calls at this point? Would you get out now and break even, or leave it and hope it goes up?
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@ELDORITO, I guess they will wipe out July 16th Calls, and price will go below 5 , even 4 is possible, look at my key levels on the chart, they are all the possibilities.
@shkspr, Thank you sir for your guidance. Exited at 8. Good chance to double my shares.
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shkspr shengxiang1988
@shengxiang1988, YW, it was nice talking to you man, GL