BOEING preparing for next bullish impulse.....!!!

NYSE:BA   Boeing Company (The)
Boeing (BA)
After every impulse price makes a correction and after the break price starts the next impulse, I expect the same this time..

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BA about to move. The only thing holding it back is unexpected bad news on Wednesday for earnings or; stock offering. If not that, it will move with the rest of the sector! BA will fly high!
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I have the same chart on $BA. It is spending a lot of time in correction but it will move higher very strong as I see it. Thanks for sharing.
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Nice chart and I agree.
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Very good approach, thank you.
Great one just like always !
Appreciate your great work mate ❤️
Thanks for sharing your outlook 😃
Ah I was in at the bottom of this move and sold early. It is frustrating to chart but I think you got the right idea here. I will follow along, cheers.
keep it up, neat updates for short-term traders
Simply outstanding
Thanks nice 🦐🧨
It hasn't broken the upper channel line. Too soon to get so excited.