BADGER/USDT 1D. Secondary trend. Suggesting movement.

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Secondary trend of BADGER/USDT. Downtrend channel.

Outer channel and inner channel(liquidity). From the upper edge of this channel falling wedge has formed. Then there was a breakout and slight accumulation after it.

Then we a saw a somewhat movement of 30% which i have shown on the chart. This was retest of POC of all this downtrend channel movement(point of control, also on chart).

Right now we're back into the local accumulation channel(green on chart) from which the previous leg up started.

The retest of POC opened a path to falling further. We haven't seen a serious move of at least 60%, though the volume has been accumulated on this coin.

As u can notice I ain't sharing some BS coins. Only those that are really interesting and on which the volume is being accumulated.

Coming back to the movement which we haven't seen yet, i think this is for the reason that it's not the right time currently(market is falling apart). When the time comes(cycles) we will see the movement to the local distribution zone which is shown on the chart as red rectangle.

Therefore, according to market cycles, i've shown my humble opinion and suggestion how the price can operate. But it's now necessarily must be that(yellow curve). Might be anyhow, but i believe the logic of this i have delivered quite clear.

We most likely gonna come to 3.5$ zone when the right time according to market cycles come.

If the market drops in the near time - the price of this altcoin will follow, which is shown on my chart as an example. No exceptions for almost any coin.

Support zone down below is about 1.6$ zone. Shown as green rectangle. Hope everything is quite clear.

This one as an example where the volume is being accumulated for quite some time. You can also use my other ideas for choosing the coins to trade, GL.
Continuation of accumulation in the mentioned ranged. Price has moved to the resistance of the channel and locally touched the previous POC zone. +40%~ from the support zone of the channel at the extremum.

If the price breaks above the resistance of the local accumulation zone - then can move to the main resistance(3.6$ zone).
Didn't break the support of the channel - movement to the 5.732$ zone(4.44$ liquid zone) to the maximum targets of the falling wedge. Now the pullback to the resistance of the horizontal channel(red rectangle on chart).


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