BINANCE:BATUSDT   Basic Attention Token / TetherUS
Currently we are in an ascending triangle with a bullish Elliot Wave and BAT has been performing well since the crash, going from 0.13 to hitting highs of 0.18 over the past couple of days, breaking our previous resistance of 0.1659.

Another thing I've noticed is BAT and other alts have not been dropping when bitcoin does over the past few days.

We are above the 20 MA and the 200 MA is in the support we had at 11th May at about 0.20

On the 30th of march, 504,219 BAT tokens were purchased for advertising. You can view this on the brave transparency feed.

All in all, I've been longing BAT and I expect to get back to at least our previous 0.20 support, considering the volume too.