BCHUSD Longs are at record ATH and growing, but why?

Today I noticed the spike in BCHUSD longs that has been maintained at a record ATH for weeks and growing. So I checked their website, their telegram, their twitter , and CMCal but there were absolutely no information whatsoever about any announcement or something being cooked... till a friend of mine, provided me with the link:

And to my surprise, a smart chain is being developed for BCH and the test net is live since April 30th.

If you are Bitcoin Cash fan, you'd say I was living under the rock for now knowing about this. And you're right, I am not a BCH fan. But this fundamental news about BCH smart chain got my attention.

Is it time to jump onboard? Well, I will keep an eye on it... but not sure when the time is right to jump onboard in this blooded market unless a breakthrough announcement is made or BTC shows some strength.

If you have any fundamental info about BCH or SmartBCH, kindly share it below. Thank you in advance.
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