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Since May 1st Bitcoin Cash started a breakout that is about 32% so far, which is nice. But not nearly as great as the last breakout of April 17th, which was about 109%.. The last one would have doubled your money in just a few days! This breakout is weak and is loosing steam showing DIVERGENCE and signs of negative volume! I was at first confused for a moment while looking at the MACD and OBV which were giving me false signals. I realize that I'm growing tremendously now, since I take the time to perform a through analysis that is well analyzed! I can catch false signals and see what I couldn't see in the past! Its all about practicing your art. Even though this is not a science, it requires a whole lot a patience, discipline and mastering TA by studying, studying and evern more studying. I just got a new book called Trade your way to Financial Freedom by Van K. Tharp PHD who coaches traders all over the world. (wow im pumped to read it through as fast as I can)....

My goals here are to be in the top 3% of traders on trading view. So far I have a an 83% win ratio in the last 45 days which is great so far. But of course that can change in the next 30 days. Bullish sentiment is definitely helping me with that! Right now most of the big price action this past week has been on the major coins. The alt coins are not growing this fast for the exception of a few...

If you learned even one thing and enjoy my TA videos , please support my channel and give me a like. Follow me and join my channel so you can see how i profit and what I'm trading or up to regarding Alt coins.

PS. This is not financial advise, please perform your own TA , this is only for educational purposes. You are responsible for your own actions. I am not a financial advisor of any kind. Just a passionate trader as you can see, who gets very technical and geeky with this stuff.

Comment: Oops, My title should say BCH. BITCOIN CASH. Not BCC.. Sorry about that . Typo folks!

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Thanks for your updates - thinking of BCH huge updates running on May 2018, why it should bring for another price correction (@1500)?
dehpaganine dehpaganine
@dehpaganine, What I want to say is...BCH has much more than charts prediction, there are a lot of projects on going, up and running, and to be launched soon!
@dehpaganine, Thanks for stopping by. I appreciate your support. These TAs take about 30 min to prepare!
dehpaganine CryptoBuzzAnalyst
@CryptoBuzzAnalyst, Did you see what I was trying to say? Almost @2000 by now - what is behind BCH should be considered as a huge bullish momentum, at least it is what I got it during the years. Thanks for your support anyways! :)
Cnelliott03 dehpaganine
@dehpaganine, these Forex Traders are laughable. They have no idea what is going to happen in crypto because Forex TA does not work with crypto. The entire white page for Bitcoin is 100% against traditional Fiat and it's money hungry, greedy 1%. All it takes is one or two whales to see the shorts go up 4000 in 4 hours to raise the price up in 20 minutes by 5-10%. Here's my suggestion, Mon-Fri look at your options at 7:30am EST and 7:30pm EST because the big moves start then and last about 2 1/2 hours. With 10k to invest, you can either lose 1K or make 1K in that 2-3 hours. Fri evening-Sun night, make a decision to ride it out or move to fiat on Friday at 10pm EST and don't change your mind. Re-evaluate on Mon before 7:30am EST but don't waste your weekend worrying about it. Spend that time with your family. You may miss something in crypto but your family and friends are not something that should be 2nd to BTC. Much love