[BCHUSDT] Bitcoin Cash vs Tether [820% PP]

BITTREX:BCHUSDT   Bitcoin Cash (BCHN) / Tether
Bitcoin Cash (BCH) is no exception, support is being established at the same prices as before 2017 cryptocurrency market bull run. So after a 100% retrace, nothing left to sell since all gains have been wiped, Bitcoin Cash is ready to move again.

Let’s take a look at the chart, later on we can trade:
  • We’ve tested the 2017 support, from which level all altcoins are bouncing (yellow square + brown line on chart).
  • MACD uptrend since February 2018.
  • RSI is in an uptrend since August.
  • All gains removed from last years bull run and consolidation taking place to start a new wave up.

Closer look:
  • When we take a closer look, we can spot additional signals.
  • You can see a big increase in volume , marked by the big green volume bars on the chart.
  • We have two reversal bullish candles each time support zone is touched ( hammer and doji ).
  • It can take several days, to weeks, for BCHUSD /USDT to move.

Let’s trade!

Trade instructions for Bitcoin Cash (BCH) vs Tether (USDT)

Buy in: $411 – $430

Targets for Bitcoin Cash (BCHUSDT) by Alan Masters:

(1) $500
(2) $560
(3) $600
(4) $660
(5) $740

Stop loss: Close weekly candle below $400.

Capital allocation: <20%.


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Comment: Targets for Bitcoin Cash (BCHUSDT) by Alan Masters:

(1) $500 – Target hit (+19%)
(2) $560 – Target hit (+33%)
Comment: Over 40% profits when we hit our third target.
Targets for Bitcoin Cash (BCHUSDT) by Alan Masters:

(1) $500 – Target hit (+19%)
(2) $560 – Target hit (+33%)
(3) $600 - Target hit 6-Nov. (+43%)
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I don't think BCH has any leg. It's a grumpy little alt with poisonous and conflictive leaders, and ultimately no future.
+1 Reply
@qfina, Yes, but the charts are looking good. We are trading based on technical analysis.
+2 Reply
Hi Alan, thank you for great analyse. I got it in my watch list.
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