BDR - sleepy history but good tech for Tivo/Roku

AMEX:BDR   Blonder Tongue Laboratories, Inc
Company has some great technology originally going back to ham radios but lately they've been leveraging some of the IP into STB set top box market. Their technology may give Tivo an edge over ROKU and market cap is 7mm with insider buying from .50 to 1.25....... after years of old execs 80+ yrs old a new young regime has taken the helm for the technology they have which prior management couldn't see the opportunity. very interesting - they also recently linked up with LG Electronics and if you go into any high end Marriott you will find their tech on the back of LG - TV"s ... LG can do anything big pockets and RND why did they go to BDR .... figure that out and you'll realize this thing could fly !!