Beam is a perfect example of why you look at things on multiple time frames before you just make a quick decision on if something looks good or bad from just one point of view. It has had a rather deep correction and still could go lower. However, if you really understand the project as well as the type of heavy influencers it has behind it. It should be a somewhat easy buy/DCA at these levels especially if you have no exposure yet to it. most think it is going to be 20-50x + from this level by the end of this cycle. It also is a Gaming project that could end up being one of the few that ends up with real world utility proving that it ends up if not this cycle, then maybe the next. Being immune to Bear winters in the way other projects get. Not sure what you know about gamers, but they don't operate in 4-year cycles, lol these guys play 24/7365 and often even more during holidays.

Regardless of if it goes lower or not IMO these are good entries to begin with for future gains.

As for the charting shared and my indicators you can see that it looks a lot better on the daily then it does on the weekly which clearly has a strong sell signal currently. However i feel the daily looks close to throwing up a BUY signal and it could be about ready for a decent bounce even if just temporary. Only you know what your time horizon is and if you're trying to invest in your future and or make a swing trade vs a day/short term trade.

IMO Don't sleep on BEAM

If you ever wanted to follow early to accounts that stay in the game and up with what's going on and wish you made a appearance with them prior to them being bigger followings etc. this is a great opportunity lol with me, my larger OG account I've spent the last several years and all through the bear building was killed by X and now I'm starting over from scratch.

I've purposely given you the same chart and layout but on two different time frames to help newer traders coming into this cycle see how different things can look on a daily vs a weekly time frame.

I think that this can really help speed up learning for many and to open their minds to variables.

As you see the daily can easily in this case look much more instantly bullish and give you the greater feeling of FOMO #Fomo to jump in. Whereas the weekly can give you more of a tactical view and help with your approach being so.

Hopefully some of you find this chart helpful during this stressful pullback/flush that I'm aware has really beaten down and or killed many portfolios for traders.

I've fallen off on posting/sharing my charts these last few months while I was trading ALOT myself and on multiple platforms and various ideas. However, during these more stressful times I will try and stay more active with updating what community I have.

For my birthday without cause or warning X shutdown my larger account @RareBreedOG so I'm starting over fresh with almost no followers now for the algorithm. That being said I would greatly appreciate help with you hitting the like /Follow/share buttons as much as possible if you find these charts helpful at all or even just want to help me rebuild my following after getting Fu**ed by X. For this reason, I don't plan to pay for a checkmark this time around either, but you can all help give me reason to keep sharing and not just leave to other platforms.

Everyone stay safe and trade wisely and be careful with leverage in these uncertain times.


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