BITCOIN - A brave new world brought to you by the nerds

BNC:BLX   BraveNewCoin Liquid Index for Bitcoin
BITCOIN - A brave new world brought to you by the nerds

Get used to your new tech overlords. I mean I don't even mind really, seems better than the old guard.

Here we have what everybody is looking at now. 13 or 17. been saying 13 for a while. but i think its prob somewhere in between. some indicators and even simple lines (see the yellow triangle ones, the angle on them) have been painting that picture too. this particular indicator shows the macro momentum is the same as 13.. but some other metrics are showing verrry similar to 17 as well. this is crypto's mania stage chapter beginning to unfold.

Now in 21 we are quite a bit further along with adoption and recognition. some huge companies, rich wigs and even countries now are buying it and using it. p2p decentralized banking is finally showing a hint of itself through defi and some 3rd world countries adopting various platforms to various degrees. crypto has even infected art forms with NFTs. fun times.

Lets see how these two fractals evolve.