Bitcoin Fair Value and Peak Logarithmic Regression Bands

BNC:BLX   BraveNewCoin Liquid Index for Bitcoin
While BTC has dipped back down recently, we are still very much on track. In fact, we are still fairly far ahead with regards to our "fair value" logarithmic regression support band, fit to "non-bubble" data.
This market cycle will likely be a long one, so buckle up for the journey, and maybe one day BTC will flirt with the upper "peak" logarithmic regression band. No one can reliably predict what the short-term will bring, but I am certainly bullish on BTC on the macro-scale.


Cheering is a thing now. This was pretty accurate ben, good call.
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Hi Benjamin,

could pleae tell me, how can I get this Indication.

Many thanks
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Would you be kind to share where or, how can I get this Indication.
logarithmic regression support band
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I'm a premium sub to Benjamin Cowen's intothecryptoverse. Awesome insight. solid mathematical analysis of crypto cycles!
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@Wick12, What cost?
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cool, how do you do that?
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Hi Benjamin. I saw you using this indicator in one of your recent videos. Very informative as every. Thanks!
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Hello Ben, good to see your content here. Would love to see how you draw these bands, most of the ones I have are pretty outdated.
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Is there a way to just pay for the Indicator?
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