Bitcoin Cycles: The True Halving Index

BNC:BLX   BraveNewCoin Liquid Index for Bitcoin
Bitcoin halving index. Prices between half-dates are brought to a common starting point. But what makes this index more real? I’ve seen many similar indexes before, but none were created correctly. Satoshi Nakamoto mined the genesis block on 03-01-2009. This date is the beginning of the bitcoin network. That's where it all started. Its exchange rate was not yet available at that time. The first known exchange rate was born 591 days later, on 18-07-2010. So if we want to correctly represent the build cycles on the gradients, this first cycle has to be shifted by 591 days and brought to the other common points. The exchange rate may remain at the same level as dollar cents were the first prices. This is close enough to zero.

Again, we can observe the preparation rate as multiples of it act as resistance and support. The current exchange rate (blue) is below the 2012-2016 halving cycle but above the previous 2016-2020 cycle. This indicates a very strong trend. Much stronger the bitcoin went in 2017. From this, a top even higher than the 2017 top can be assumed.
Exchange rates narrow cyclically on the sections marked with red arrows. These periods need to be monitored in the future as well, because the duration of these times is long.

In the part marked with black circles 2 how many breaks occurred exactly one day after the halving. The first was a scam in August 2012, the second the well-known March 2020 Covid crash. To complete the picture: I added a few days (in blue, in the black circle) to the burgundy 2012-2016 cycle from the beginning of the 2016-2020 cycle continuously. Surprisingly, the exchange rate broke even then. That’s when the August 2016 Bitfinex hack was. It looks like ~ 1340 days after the halving, the exchange rate breaks on a regular basis.

In this halfing index analysis, the resistors are worth watching. Something will help you determine how strong bitcoin is right now.
Even more interesting is the time elapsed since the halving date. It is characterized by well-recognized repetitions.
As the analyzes and past data are based on attempts to tell the future, we see quite strong signs. It is recommended to prepare for these because history repeats itself.

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