Prediction for Bitcoins next top extrapolated from historic data

BNC:BLX   BraveNewCoin Liquid Index for Bitcoin
Hello everyone. I saw a post about a prediction for Bitcoins next top that was just ghost candles from last bull run slapped on top of their expected next bull run with an expected high of roughly 300000. I didn't necessarily agree so I figured I'd give my perspective.

Historically speaking, Bitcoin has grown logarithmically over the years in such a way that the percent growth of one bull run is half that of the proceeding bull run with a margin of error of about ~6%. If you take the percent growth from last bull run, 1578%, cut that in half and extrapolate that information to the next bull run using the historically accurate logarithmic growth curve as a guide for a stopping point you'll see Bitcoins next top ranging from $150000/ BTC to $200000/ BTC sometime in the next few years. This all assumes that Bitcoin will continue to grow and that the logarithmic growth curve will hold up. For all intents and purposes, the boundaries of this indicator could certainly be broken to the up or downside due to extenuating circumstances.

Feel free to reach out with comments, questions or concerns.
Comment: A small note is that you can see that the midway point of a bull trend can be a good indicator of a buy zone. Just buy under the midway point. Most likely, any point under $50000/BTC - $60000/BTC will be a good buy assuming the trend holds up.