Bitcoin dominance may be on the brink of a massive influx of strength. If I am correct, it looks like whales are in the early phases of moving their altcoin profits back into Bitcoin .

Assuming this is true, we will start seeing a flight of capital move away from altcoins like Ethereum , Cardano , & Ripple to take profits by moving back into Bitcoin .

We may be in the early macro stage of a reversal in BTC .D trend to see strength into Q3 & Q4.

If this is true, depending on your tax situation, the best method of navigating this portion of the market cycle will mean hedging altcoins profits back into BTC . It will ensure that less capital is lost with any market correction, assuming Bitcoin sees less % downside than other coins. The key to this is to re-enter altcoins after the cycle begins to tip the other way.

To expand on this further, I believe Ethereum will form a new all-time high before the end of this year. However, this does not mean it will happen soon. I think that Ethereum will have a second impulse to form a higher high (new ATH ) while BTC lags behind it. If I sell any Ethereum to Bitcoin , I would be dammed to not get back into Ethereum after the next pullback.

We will cautiously shift away from dominant long trades on margin and incorporate more shorts to hedge long-term spot positions when it comes to day trading. Lastly, expect strict regulation in the cryptocurrency market coming into 2022—snipers Out.

Comment: In order to avoid selling my spot positions in Bitcoin or Alts, I will be taking a short on Ethereum with 1/10 of my spot positions with 10x leverage risking liquidation to hedge against this scenario and make money everytime a whale sells Ethereum back to Bitcoin
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