Mayfair's Ultimate Guide to Bitcoin

Here is a link to my partner's post on the same thing:
I have made my post shorter, but added direct links to the predictions he has made, so you can read how right he has been over a very long time. If you can be bothered to click each one, then you will learn a LOT about how institutionalised markets work.

We at Mayfair bang on about what institutional involvement in Bitcoin actually means. Most people think it means BTC goes up. This is not the case at all. Most of you will realise this now, but sadly at the time we were ignored.

In fact, what the big players do is know your psychology very well indeed, and they exploit you to get the profits they want. The chart shows your group psychology, and the stages are taken from the Wall Street Cheat Sheet

You are:

(A) Being manipulated and
(B) The architects of your own destiny, because it's only human to react the way you do.

Have a look at the @Mayfair_Ventures posts I have chronicled on the chart, and see how good the calls are. They are great calls, because we understand the psychology, and we actively change our own to match that of the big players.

The pressure for all crypto holders to sell is insane now. Mental pressure, being applied by the big boys. Because they know what you are like. Most of you know I have bought BTC on a DCA strategy aiming at a 3-year return, using spot not margin. This was so I can ride out lows like these. I'm keeping mine.

When you are short at the top and it's going against you, it always goes further than you ever thought it could, and the news is always blazingly good. It's the same thing.

Take a look at my post on news here:
We will be doing a big year-end review stream in a week or two, where you can tune in and get shown how to change your mindset to the winning side. Look out for it.


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