BTC short idea.

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I put together a few things following the notable rising wedge that was forming. focusing on the Gann fan and fib lines. this was drawn before the Elon tweet, so who knows what is going to happen but BTC is seeing resistance and a lack of buyer volume mixed with what I think is an overall lack of confidence at these levels for buyers. we will see bullish levels at the next level down, or that is what I think at least. I am not a financial advisor obviously, and I'm an inexperienced charter at that so take from this what you will.


Nice analysis!
scindo SuperiorTrades
@SuperiorTrades, Thanks I'm still learning! so every time I post an idea I'm nervous how it'll play out. I appreciate the positivity! :)
@scindo, Posting ideas is a great with to express your knowledge and convey what you have learned. The best way to demonstrate you understand something is to teach it to somebody else. Keep posting your ideas man great work!