Using volume and triangles as an idicator

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These are my observations so far, personally i wouldnt just go long straight away, but wait for a retrace that is not unlikely.
Its not a prediction because the magnitude of this move cannot really be predicted,
but ill be more bullish the next days on 15 min or 5 min oversold situations.
Comment: I would even come to say that it is quite logical not to expect as much of a move from our 2nd triangle break as we saw from our 1st triangle breaking, since it is alot smaller and has less "built up steam" as some educators on youtube would say, but that could be nonsense, just my intuition


thanks for sharing your idea.
could you please clarify what you wrote at the chart as it is written in a very small size and I cannot read it.
thanks in advance.
PierG Ahmed_Khallaf
@Ahmed_Khallaf, starting from the left
in black "anticipating a break", in red "reached previous resistancem with massive volume influx signaling the 2nd move",---"
3 times "declining volume" "rsi contradicts price action" "double bottom on chart vs highger low on rsi"