9.2k Price Target still valid

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Looking at the ascending triangle on the 4hr chart. Price could explode from here. currently holding 7200 price level. A dip to 7050 possible but that to me would be a final shakeout stop hunt. 9.2k is the measured move within the week. keep eyes open. if Price falls to 6900 levels or lower, Invalidate this idea.

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Comment: 6hr chart shows very clear what I am seeing here. Preferably would like to close in the big triangle on this newest 6 hr candle
Comment: Here we are on the 2hr chart. forming support and heading back in the larger ascending triangle formed with Gann fan from the bottom at 6550 area


Hyperg alimannn
@alimannn, what you are looking at is a trap, dont expect anything under 6k. did you think it was that easy lol no way sir. lets see!
unlikely, take a look at my idea explains what market makers are doing

Hyperg DemKos
@DemKos, Fair assumptions sir, cant wait to see what happens next!