šŸ¤– #BTCLIVE - 13.09 šŸ¤–

šŸ¤– #BTCLIVE - 13.09 šŸ¤–


Short-Term (-1 Day)
50:50- Bullish:Bearish

Mid-Term (1 Week+)

Long-Term (1 Month+)
90:10 - Bullish:Bearish


Bitcoin showing strength although some big bear flags showing up with the ascending wedge, bearish weekly pivot and CME gap that have a high chance always of getting filled usually in the short term too. Additionally we are coming up to the Macro trendline resistance on the weekly which is going to be a huge marker if we breakout as it has been in place since November 2021. It is a likely a very large amount of volume is going to require to break out. This is possible depending on the CPI data that drops which is potential assumed to be bullish. This could help break out - although there is a lot of bearish factors weighing against it for at least a small retrace.

Losing $22.2k would likely see a continuation down to the CME gap and weekly pivot regions with a top of $21.5k and a painful scenario at $20.2k. A bullish scenario would need to breakout above $23k for a good confirmation then it can pump as high as $25k.

HOWEVER with all the news that is coming out this month with the merge, MT.Gox and multiple items in the economic calendar volatility is going to be high


+ Bullish Descending wedge on the Weekly
+ Oversold on the Weekly
+ Reversal signal on the Weekly
+ Hidden Divergence on the 1hr
+ Potential breakout incoming of the macro descending wedge

- Bearish untested Weekly Pivot and CME Gap as low as $20.2k up to $21.5k
- Challenging Macro Trendline Resistance on the Weekly
- Hitting key 22.6k resistance
- Crossing down on HullMA
- Rising wedge

+ CPI data expected to be slightly positive
+ Fidelity rumoured to be shifting their retail customers in to Crypto soon
+ Russia's Prime Minister asks regulators to finalize regulations for cross-border #crypto payments.
+ Chamber Of Digital Commerce Calls Out The SEC, Argues The US Needs A Bitcoin ETF
+ Google Adds Ethereum (ETH) Merge Countdown Feature as Worldwide Interest Skyrockets

- Sept 13: CPI data
- Sept 15: $ETH merge expected sell off
- Sept 16: Mt. Gox Claims Deadline
- Sept 21: FOMC rate hike decision
- Sept 22: $ADA Vasil Hardfork
- New White House Report Suggests A Ban On Bitcoin Mining In The U.S.


Fear & Greed Index - Sep 13, 2022:

Today: 34 (Fear)
Yesterday: 25 (Extreme Fear)

Avg. 1W: 26 šŸ˜±
Avg. 2W: 24 šŸ˜±
Avg. 1M: 27 šŸ˜±
Avg. 2M: 30 šŸ˜±
Avg. 3M: 25 šŸ˜±
Avg. 6M: 24 šŸ˜±
Avg. 1Y: 32 šŸ˜£

šŸ”ø #Bitcoin
Price: $22,336
24h Low: $21,578
24h High: $22,448
MC Change: $11.4B (2.7%)
Dominance: 38.5%

24h: 2.7%
7d: 11.8%
14d: 13.6%
30d: -8.5%
60d: 10.4%
200d: -40.2%
1y: -50.6%

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