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FED has begun a cycle of rate cuts although they don't want us catching that idea. Trump is downright determined to get the FFR back to 0% as quickly as possible, going so far as to demand the FED to cut rates 100bps at yesterday's meeting. Powell made clear that the FED doesn't want to turn this into a "trend of rate cuts" but that they would take appropriate action if trade tensions and global growth continued to weigh on the economy.

In a nice, slappy way, Trump delivered the tariff bomb today. FFR futures , which priced another 25bp cut in September at around 50% probability following yesterday's FOMC, shot up to an 84% probability following Trump's announcement. It is clear what the long plan is here: lower rates, weaken the dollar, increase outstanding debt. AKA further the dependence on an exponentially increasing supply of dollars and place spikes on the landing pad of a recession. We are headed toward a global negative interest rate environment - worked for Japan didn't it?!

This is setup is bigly huge for assets holding the qualities of money to be revalued.
In fact, it is inevitable. Timeline? My money - I mean currency - is on a few years, but ultimately it comes down to when the powers that be want to kick the fiat currency system into a hyperinflationary grave. You be the judge.



BTC inflation rate lowering to 1.8% in under a year. Negative interest rates becoming all the rage. My guess? 18 months...
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Currently loading up on Bitcoin, Gold, and Litecoin. And getting my put options loaded up on SPY and other big stock companies.
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@Triston27, what time frame for the puts?