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I'd rather not go into depth again how I've gotten 222k as a target, just see my related ideas.

The idea here is that we've been following past cycles pretty closely. Beyond a certain point in 2013, there's really no clear path apart from UP. There is one hiccup in the first week of 2013's Nov. and also in 2017's Nov. Keeping the timing to scale, this would be Nov 16th where we see a 25% retrace. Past that, 2017 shows some more hiccups that I've drawn out for us to watch for if we reach 222k.

Don't take these hiccups to the bank as they're all determined by a top that is at 222k, and I have targets anywhere from 207k to 300k, which would change all of those projections. I don't have a crystal ball, so don't play these things as if I do.

If you're not in yet, don't fret. We seem to retest 67k once more before continuing further up - that's when I'd suggest getting in.

My current target before a 13% retrace is roughly 75k or so. See you there.

But if you'd like to see this chart in more detail, just click the megaphone icon and 'make it mine' so you can manipulate the chart yourself & see the prices and times to the T.