price=time (NOTE: this looks wrong til u expand scale on right)

YOU HAVE TO EXPAND THE SCALE ON THE RIGHT TO MAKE THE CHART/RESISTANCE LOOK THE WAY IT'S SUPPOSED TO...@Tradingview continues to be weird with spirals/circles...they shift from where they are when i publish the chart, when i post the chart...when you play with the scale, expand and/or pinch, the shapes should automatically revert to where i drew them, with my locked scale)

anyway...have you met the 2.236? aka the square root of 5? it's kind of a big deallll

spiral is time between those bottoms and fit visually

(vertical lines tangent to spiral seem to call reversal points but that's another story for another time..."too many notes" )

bounced off 6.854 (1.618 ^ 4) spiral of time between macro tops, see update on this idea
note to self: try drawing vertical lines at reversal points, then fitting spiral so it's tangent to them...reverse engineering visual fit?