Bubble, Krach or End of cryptos ? LETS DRAW SOME LINES.

BITSTAMP:BTCUSD   Bitcoin / U.S. Dollar
Lets draw some lines together.

Thank you to ask questions in comments if you are not able to understand the chart by yourself for some reasons.

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Comment: TP 1 reached.
Comment: Click on PLAY.

We are exactly on the support of my Andrew"s fibb channel. We could find support from here
Comment: You can see we have exactly touched my buying zone (little late) and now trying to create the inverted H&S here:
To reintegrate the long-term support trendline.
Comment: BTC is trying to reintegrate the long-term support line.
Comment: 1 year later it's working amazingly
Comment: As Long as the price is over the red median of the Andrew"s fibb channel we are in a bullish trend.

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I'll make a new chart if I have enough support :).
Comment: PRESS PLAY: This is what we call perfection I guess...

I'm waiting to see how the price will react on the contact of the green ascending line of my Andrew's fib channel. Could be the top, but too early to call it. I'll keep you update.

As always not a financial advisor. I'm doing it for my personal entertainment and glory (haha).
Comment: On MONTHLY CHART it's beginning to look like a monster BEAR TRAP :

Comment: Always press play: We are again on a support line. Let see if the price can react and provide upside momentum again.
Comment: And once again, as expected it's rebound on the support level. Could be the best chart I have ever done. Working for almost 1 year and a half.
Comment: GREEN line is now acting as A SUPPORT: BTC is actually impressive.
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Comment: Trade active.
Comment: After a new rebound on the fib channel a test of the top of the canal (around 18K at this time) is possible !
Comment: TRADE ACTIVE: We may retest the blue point line around 8400 to 8700 area (depend on the time it takes.
Comment: We are confirming the blue zone as a strong resistance. Corresponding with 0.618 fib retracement. Not looking so good for BTC actually. I'll keep you update.

Remember I'm not a financial advisor. You trade at your own risk and this market is extremely volatile.
Comment: Hello guys, as you can see this chart is still incredibly valuable.

The "mid-terms" updates are here : https://www.tradingview.com/chart/BTC1!/...

If you click on the "play button" you can we had rebound the 29 october on a decisive support which we just confirmed as RESISTANCE now. For me it's a massive SELL signal. People who have not take profit from their 3500$ BTC yet, should.

Comment: We are retesting the resistance it's decisive time !
Comment: PRESS PLAY : The Median of the Fibb chanel's is now confirmed as resistance. BTC is entering in a very dangerous territory, possible multi years bear-market is now an expectation.
Comment: Last updates here : https://www.tradingview.com/chart/BTC1!/...
Comment: Ok so like 2h after i post this update the BTC market lost 15%. Thank you whales ! Don't forget to follow me to receive all the updates before it's toooo late !