🅱️ Bitcoin Major Crash Confirmed!!! Let Me Explain!

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I have to be honest with you and I have to share what I see... Not only what I see but what I know, but I gather and what comes up to me on a daily basis based on financial news, geopolitics, the Cryptocurrency market (Altcoins), the charts.

First let me ask you, are you ready?
Are you prepared?

A major crash cannot be avoided after the rise that is about to take place but the question in most minds right now is the following, how far down can it go? How far down can Bitcoin crash after hitting $40,000 or $42,000+?

Will Bitcoin crash to $23,000 or $20,000?
Will Bitcoin move below $20K and hit $17,000?

That's the big question mark isn't it?

This is what we know for sure... Bitcoin is set to move higher and after it moves higher, it can do whatever it wants.

There can be a correction before the halving, this is healthy and will open up prices for us to buy-in lower and prepare for the bull-market in 2025 and late 2024.

It doesn't really matter if Bitcoin crash, because before the crash it will go up.

Weekly timeframe
The 4H interval (short-term), looks pretty good.
The last session that closed ended bullish, the Altcoins are already moving forward.

1H is quite revealing, another small shakeout...

The market makers are trying to shakeout all the longs before moving ahead.
Bitcoin will go up...
Bitcoin is clearly bullish when looking at the higher timeframes.
Bullish = growth potential (Bitcoin is showing potential for growth as it trades above support).

Bullish altcoins and bearish DXY supports a bullish bias for Bitcoin.
Some Altcoins have been doing 3, 4, 5, 8X and even more, this is impossible in a bear market.

Here is the DXY...
One last chart September 2023 Roadmap.

It is inevitable... Thanks a lot for your support.
Bitcoin closed the weekly timeframe above EMA200 five weeks straight and is now growing, confirming the bullish bias. This is a shared in a previous trade idea, you can find it in my profile.

What is more interesting right now is the next target.
Bitcoin can easily move to 40,000 in this bullish wave that is developing or even higher, 50-60K.

Here is the full trade idea:

Share with me everything you have to share... Come, and entertain me every day.

Think for me the things that I need to learn to improve...

Do it nicely, without hesitation, original, make it fun, make it interesting, make it positive, make it new.

Say everything I need to know, now and always...
Do it fast, do it swiftly, make it complex but easy to understand.

Tell it to me like it is, the way it should be but be careful with the truth, I might get scared and run away.

Share with me all the things that I need to learn please, just be good, help me improve...

It doesn't matter how far you have to go nor how many challenges you have to face...

Make sure to share what I want and need now, make sure to make it pleasing, give it colors, make it beautiful and always succeed, it must be a hit.

Explain to me all the things that I need to learn to improve...

You might as well ignore everything but just make sure to make it new.


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