Stampeding panic in the cryptosphere - not unexpected.

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Well.. well, unless one is Rip-van-Winkle, it shouldn't be news that everybody is stampeding out of cryptos. Thankfully I made no predictions on Bitcoin or any crypto going north. There were indications of a probably pump north a couple weeks ago (and for every probability in one direction I said there is a probability in the opposite). So now we're into dump mode. In fact I entirely expected a dump based on the technical picture some time ago in another screencast.

In this screencast I go into the unthinkable, as a systematic probability - which most will see as highly remote. Well, that is exactly what systematic risk is about.

Bitcoin investors may wish to explore the concept of 'counter-party' risk, arising from a world global financial crisis (if it happens - no predictions).

So what next. There are three main possibilities (obviously).
1. Stay out.
2. Short it
3. Go long on it.

The choice is yours. No advice from me. Sorry if I disappoint.

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