Has Bitcoin died?

Some say that Bitcoin has died or is close to death. Others live in hope. I'm not interested in those opinions. I do not do predictions.

In this screencast, I have put on an experimental trade and mirroring it on a live account.

What I am doing is exercising discipline on a small time frame. If the 15 min trend wants to move north, I'll follow. If it moves south it could well stop me out. But the loss is one I'm willing to take, based on a probability for the north on this time frame.

Small time frame trends can and do grow. This is part of the so-called 'butterfly effect' in Chaos Theory (nothing to do with harmonic trading).

This might appear to be counter-trend. But counter to which trend? It is counter to the higher time frames. For me that's irrelevant, because I know which trend I'm following. Fear has nothing to do with me.

The point is I have spotted a small trend change on the 15 time frame and can exercise discipline to follow it.

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