Bullish BTC setup: the cup overfloweth towards a return to 20k

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My last publication ( BTC WEX chart), while so far tracking the price reasonably well, has the price action deviating wildly from most other exchanges. I create a new chart to deliver the expected, upcoming price negotiation. Christmas 2019 or early post-Christmas 2019 should see a return to 20k+, which kicks off the greatest one year bull run ever seen; making 2017 look like child's play and catapulting the BTC price first towards 35k (C&H target) followed by a massive parabolic tsunami ending at the 2020 BTC halvening event in the USD pice range of 100k to 1 million (a nod and a wink in the direction of Mcafee ). #forget3k #btcdgaf
Comment: A LOT of people have been DM'ing me (yes, paparazzi) about where my blue line came from and what the red lines denote. The bounce part of the blue line came from the "Fractal Seed," as shown. Red lines are resistances and resistance clusters I have been tracking all the way down since ATH of 20k ( I may have missed a few, but I always leave a little bit of imperfection in my charts so that I that I can always have next level TA to achieve.). Thanks for the uncountable number of likes - I am overwhelmed. #forget3k

Comment: Continuing to follow the daily fractal very nicely:
Comment: As a follow-up to the bullish price action, a lot of people haven been DM'ing about where exactly to find the fractal used in this next level TA. I post a more detailed set of call-outs to better indicate the hidden gems in my chart. Enjoy. #forget3k #btcdgaf

Comment: You know why I post charts. #forget3k
Comment: A quick look at the expected daily sideways until bullish continuation along the fractal to complete the black swan event:
Comment: See it? Do it.
Comment: Still tracing daily fractal (shorts rekt):

Comment: it is difficult to dent the power of the bullish swan:
Comment: bearish price action has accelerated (original blue line has been cloned and readjusted to being about sub-6k price action sooner - red line). All is well. Bull and swan price discovery will prevail. #forget3k

Comment: MEH:
Comment: Still they PM me everyday...

Comment: Is this where BTC is going, or does the big shorter close, then long the field and rekt all bears:
Comment: Another bullish swan arises...

Comment: Swan still valid:
Comment: Bull flag?
Comment: Still on track... today was fun:
Comment: another look at how we got there... ;)

Comment: mmmmmmhmmmmm... Citadel HQ Hodler holds the swan ;)
Comment: not trading advise ;)

Comment: just choppy play right now...
Comment: next level masterpiece still intact:
Comment: 5 mins before daily close...

Comment: nearly time to moon, more or less:

Comment: my bet is upward movement:

Comment: say goodbye to the 200 MA on the way to the upside:
Comment: Quick update for all of my main chat TV stalkers...
Comment: :(
Comment: Bears won this round...

Comment: Happy bull wick:

Comment: Wonder if the bears really want a piece of the green thumb:

Comment: Need big surprise buyer here - target touched:
Comment: meh...
Comment: not sure what to make of this other than lambo time:

Comment: the time hah approacheth...

Comment: looks like the bulls decided price direction for the bears...

Comment: :joy:
Comment: of course, i'm back with another bullish target to 6900:

Comment: Currently finishing up the Majed-diamond pattern. Bullish continuation is anticipated upon completion.

Comment: Still safe... no h&s... perfect bounce on trend ;)

Comment: price is certainly interesting:

Comment: return of the big blue finger and his trend line: