BITCOIN about to DROP - it's SO OBVIOUS!

COINBASE:BTCUSD   Bitcoin / U.S. Dollar
DON'T BE FOOLED INTO THIS BULL TRAP. look at the volume . back to basics ladies and gentlemen. i don't care what kind of intricate charts and indicators you all use... this ship is about to SINK.. and that is a fabulous thing. when price move ups & volume does the opposite, what does this mean folks? anyone? hello? can anyone hear me?!?! yup, you know it. SEE YA. don't be a fool. buy back when we see sub 4k for the ride of your life. may we see 2k? sure... likely? no. hold your cash. be ready for the opportunity of a lifetime. we only get these every so often. personally, holding all cash until we see that bottom red line on my chart. be careful fools.