Bitcoin Imminent Breakout (Secure Profits On Altcoins)

BITFINEX:BTCUSD   Bitcoin / U.S. Dollar
  • Bitcoin's ( BTCUSD ) volume is coming to a halt.
  • Volatility is also extremely low with Bitcoin doing mostly sideways-bearish action.
  • Price is holding at 0.786 fib. from the last bullish wave, which is a good support but has never been able to break above EMA10.

And as I always say:

1) Below EMA10 = Leaning bearish / bearish potential.
2) Above EMA20 = Leaning bullish / bullish potential.

So we have volume going down to almost none which is an indication of an upcoming breakout.

We have the MACD moving up to neutral but with zero momentum and strength. And the RSI is bearish all the way.

With mixed signals, way more bearish than bullish and the 6th of February approaching... SECURE PROFITS ON AS MANY TRADES AS YOU CAN.

Bitcoin might breakdown strong here.

If it breaks up (without the support of any signals from the chart - Bitcoin tends to go against the flock), then all is good as we will have plenty of time to profit from the many new opportunities that will develop. (We trade altcoins rather than Bitcoin directly because they have more profits potential).

If it breaks down, we will have many opportunities develop as well.

So we remain out and we buy after the break.

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Comment: We always say that Bitcoin tends to do what nobody expects.

I see almost a split right between bears and bulls, and almost everybody is expecting a strong move... So what is nobody expecting?

Additional sideways action.

You believe Bitcoin can do more sideways?

I am still leaning more towards a strong breakout soon.

The chart has more bearish than bullish signals, but I am a strong bull.

Comment: Based on my latest calculation, the most likely scenario is more BITCOIN SIDEWAYS.

This is within the range of $3,100 and $4,100.

If this is the case, our altcoins trade are pretty safe.


Stressing about the future is something that we do.

You can be anxious about desires, waiting and waiting for something good.

The future is beautiful for many of us.
The future is something that we look for.

The moment is now where we create, the future only exist if you are alive today.

Start living life and enjoying it, as it improves your life day to day.

Be grateful for your live now.

Be thankful for your friends now.

Enjoy everything you experience now.

Because the future is never coming...


Comment: The tendency bias remains bearish+sideways. BTCUSD has strong support below and there is high possibilities of a double bottom if it goes lower.

Thanks for sharing your charts and comments in the comments section below, highly appreciated.

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This is it for now... Thanks a lot for the support.

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@AlanSantana is bearish, it's time for Crypto rally. When everyone turns bearish, it's time for bulls!
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@EWNS, Finally a smart person ;)
@EWNS, The trend is your friend until the end of the trend. Everyone was bullish at $7k and it kept going to $20k. In 2014, everyone turned bearish at $400 and it dropped to $160. You need to realize that at the tops and bottoms of market cycles you get the most violent extreme movements. This can easily go sub $1k before someone with extremely deep pockets comes in and buys it hard enough to make a floor. I will be buying AFTER I see a bottom made. Not catching a falling knife when I can follow the big money after they make their mark.
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SpaceCatZ DerrickGibson
@DerrickGibson, You will be buying this at 5k :) Take my word for it.
DerrickGibson SpaceCatZ
@SpaceCatZ, Stay wrong. Stay salty. I'll buy when you capitulate.
SpaceCatZ DerrickGibson
@DerrickGibson, Ok Sir. Your arrogant personality making me salty. If I were you I would delete my account fast after tomorrow. Since you considering $50 drop a big deal.
DerrickGibson SpaceCatZ
@SpaceCatZ, It has dropped from 4300 all the way back to 3370. Nearly a $1000 drop. It dropped $3000 after it broke 6k support and only managed to bounce $1100. But yeah bears are stupid and delusional, bulls obviously have control of the trend. Lol.
SpaceCatZ DerrickGibson
@DerrickGibson, Bought at 3200 and sold at 4200. Re bough at 3400 and holding.
SpaceCatZ DerrickGibson
@DerrickGibson, same time bough eos at 1.77 sold it 2.92 then bought ether at 102 sold it at 112. while you are worried about the drop I have been busy. Only mistake maybe xrp Purchase at 0.297. You cant win them all.
DerrickGibson SpaceCatZ
@SpaceCatZ, Lmao cute. I shorted ETH at 400. Still in that trade. Up a couple thousand percent. Been shorting BTC since 12k. Also up thousands of percent. Trade SMART not HARD. One day you'll get it, maybe.