New long term prediction as I see it now

PentarhUdi Updated   
This post is my updated vision to Bitcoin future price dynamics in context of broken all time log trend (blue in picture).
So the Bitcoin lost its huge momentum to stay in this trend - this was going to happen sooner or later.
As the technology being adopted - it loosing its blowing popularity and leaving straight-style log trend while continue to grow in SQRT-style trend (green in picture) more smoothly. I had difficulties to draw this green trend using regular tools, so it is not really accurate.
So this is the basic idea behind this post, and i thought about it for years and now here it is.
I think Bitcoin price will follow next steps in future:
1. Finding a local bottom. Should be at 1300-3000 range. Should not break previous lower low at $159 (lol). But i think it should be 4-digits. Nearest weeks.
2. As it dropped fast - as it should bounce fast to retest lost $6000 level and log trend at around 10000-20000. 2019-2020 AD.
3. Then it should fall back to ~6000 support. This should happen up to 2020 AD.
4. Go to new highs. Beyond 2020 year.

Bitcoin technology will eventually find its place in human society after 2020 AD. And its price will become relatively stable in any mid term and slowly climbing in long term.

This is the stairway from current bear hell as I see it.
And now to the moon.
I want to everyone know that I leave Bitstamp marketplace because they went to KYC hell after they went to EU jurisdiction. Now they ask documents for every penny and every satoshi you ever had on balance. This is privacy hell and I will not tolerate such my life intrusion. Fuck Bitstamp.
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