Bitcoin Might be Bullish, but Prepare for Worst!

INDEX:BTCUSD   Bitcoin / U.S. Dollar
BTCUSD down about -8% from today opening, dragging down whole altcoin markets.
Bitcoin opens today in weaker structure than I thought. Shape obviously looking like H&S and 42800 neckline may not hold much...

Bitcoin always drag altcoins more % down than itself. Dominance chart confirms the idea. So be careful, especially if you took alts during recent period of 2 months.

Today bitcoin may stay near 44-ish zone, also expected some false shakeouts up and downs. So be patient before taking any risk on current, I should say, choppy environment.

US market opening soon, might open below prior closing, which drag down SP and stocks down by a few %.

So wait for your opportunity and now it is better to hedge your investments with stable assets.

Best regards
Artem Shevelev