How To Forecast/ Find Potential Lows.

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This is one of the methods I use to forecast upcoming moves in either direction, For those who follow me know I use waves but I have a few other conjunctions I use and don't really leave on charts. The way you can incorporate this is stemming from knowing swing points as most people use the wrong highs/lows for Fibs and time cycles, If you're really struggling to see the market legs I would suggest using AO as a tool and stick to a daily timeframe and anytime it crosses the zero line assume that the move from the prior low has completed (that leg) also knowing waves helps a lot here as you can see the structure to confirm moves > This will help reduce the noise of the market and confusion as to where we are. As for the pitchfork it's another tool that is not used that effectively either and without giving too much away I would suggest people have a good understanding of the above points waves/swing points before actually using one, Also when deciding to use an original Pitchfork or Schiff it's typically based around the speed of a move for example if a market falls rapidly off a high and then bounces up to a B leg we would be using a schiff to forecast the incoming C leg (Schiff's are mostly used for corrective sequences), As for mod Schiff's they are typically used where original Pitchforks don't interact with price in uptrends. If you're able to blend all these methods above you will probably be a better trader than the majority of people.