5 reasons to buy Bitcoin

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Why am I for buying bitcoin?
Well let's look at the chart.
1) A strong resistance line that Bitcoin could not break for 6 months is broken.
2) Price on a strong support line (I will attach the chart below)
3) Price near support level 8340
4) The price near the support line.
5) Excellent profit-to-risk ratio
Now, AT LEAST, a good opportunity to enter into a deal with a small stop loss and good profit.
the price may reach the resistance zone 9500 - 9900
But it is important to break through the level of 9100

In the meantime, an important support line is not broken, do not rush to buy Bitcoin .

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sufficient analysis
your opinion about this?
your chart is good) it's my btc chart. we should trade a confirmed breakout in my view
This is my recent analysis on BTC.
Please tell what you think on this
1. BTC is not Bitcoin. This is segwit coin created in 2017.

2. Now only BSV is real Bitcoin from White Paper. BCH was real Bitcoin before ABC hardhork.

3. BSV will replace BTC in future.

4. Lithing Network is not legal in europe with AMLD5 directive.

5. BTC can be modified by miners. BSV Have not changeable protocol.
luca1973 astromaniak
@astromaniak, STFU
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luca1973 astromaniak
@astromaniak, another one brainwashed by Craig wright
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