i sent this to my financial advisor and he blocked me :-(

jk, but not financial advice obviously...just sketching and learning and talking to myself as per usual

1. visually square chart to a move (i chose the correction you see the square around)...i just realized you can do this by drawing a circle (fibonacci arc, click full circle) with radius time (totally horizontally) and another with radius price (totally vertically) - not diagonally ... the absolute change in time and change in price of the move -then pinching/expanding the y axis til the circles look the same/disappear into each other. (start them from the same place) LOCK YOUR CHART

2. copy and paste that circle and do different multiples and fit visually...this is the 6.854 (1.618 x 1.618 x 1.618 x 1.618) . try other fib multiples/square roots/whatever you fancy (pi, euler, regular ol numbers)

3. confluence = cycles in alignment

one thing i have to be careful with is thinking these are prescriptive...these are the same as any support/resistance/trendlines. can break and retest. but they are similarly magnetic where price will tend toward them

short term bear bias here because it's in bear harmonic zone - antishark/anticypher

michael s jenkins
bradley f cowan

added 11.089 (6.854 x 1.618) circle, plus fib spiral of 6.854 circle (vertical, then visually fit to tops)

a fib spiral of the 6.854 circle is essentially an 11.089 circle bc the fib spiral's radius grows by 1.618 (x 1.618) every quarter turn

placement is the confusing thing and has confluence with just drawing a bigger shape from the same place but haven't really thought about the technicalities of how that happens

something something matter = energy