Bitcoin $42,000, Madam Zoe the Psychic and a Cup and Handle

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So, my girl went to see her psychic today. Madam Zoe or something as equally made up like that. So, for kicks I asked if she would inquire about a couple of questions for me. I asked her to inquire about my future for the rest of 2018 and also the future of Bitcoin . I have no idea if the psychic knows anything about Bitcoin so I figured it would be interesting but not as downright spooky as it turned out.

Here is what the psychic said. I hope you enjoy it.

"His lucky numbers are 9, 11, 21, 24 and 42 and his unlucky numbers are 5, 8, 10, 15 and 30", said Madam Zoe.

After a short pause, Madam Zoe started by telling my girl, "Things are going to get more difficult before they get better for him and he will be stressed about money until November." So, I am thinking maybe that means price is going to drop again and maybe the unlucky number 5 means down to the $5K range again and maybe the unlucky number 11 means that price won’t recover until November.

"He will receive good news toward the end of September but sadly he will be let down on the last day by something. I cannot see what that it is though, it is not clear.”, remarked Madam Zoe. Maybe she means, the VanEck-SolidX ETF will be approved the last week of September 2018. What other good news would I want? Maybe lucky number 9 and 24 means Monday Sep 24, 2018 will be the approval date or maybe that will be the date it is either denied or maybe the decision will be delayed for a future date. It sounds like Sep 30th is going to be really crappy. Maybe there will be a Bitcoin price dump regardless of good or bad news about the VanEck-SolidX ETF .

In a pensive tone Madam Zoe said, "October will be dark at first but light will shine on something dear to him. The 8th will be a very unlucky day not only for him but the world. There is something that brings hope." Ok, so hear this one out. Historically, the stock market has experienced a lot of crashes in October with historical Black Mondays. I am thinking that maybe she means Monday October 8th, 2018 will be another Black Monday market crash. She did say 8 was an unlucky number for me. I think when she refers to something dear to me and brings hope she means Bitcoin ; god I hope my girl doesn’t read this because she probably thought of herself when the psychic said that.

After some quiet hesitation, Madam Zoe remarked, "He has been patient. He has been waiting a long time for something valuable to him. It will be less dark for him and he will be rewarded for being patient later in October." Hmmmm, I am thinking she means cash fleeing the stock market crash for safer assets like Bitcoin . Of course this is all hypothetical, but have you seen the SPX chart? A melt down is incoming and cash will seek safer assets like Bitcoin .

“He will be blessed in November. All of his stresses of the year will be lifted. The sun will shine on him.”, said Madam Zoe with elation and conviction. Ummm, she said 11 was one of my lucky numbers! Combined with my theory about October that would mean November 2018 could be a bull run like November 2017! Whoo hoo Lambos for me and all my friends!

With great zeal Madam Zoe told my girl that, “December will be a hallmark of incredible joy but that will lead to complacency. He must be warned not to grow complacent because life changes fast.” Ok, dammit, it sounded like things were going well and now she has to introduce doubt. Still, this sounds exactly how I always feel when Bitcoin’s price is running with the bulls. Mental note, don’t get too comfy in December! Although, what if the November and December predictions mean I will have a nice holiday with my girl and that I should not get complacent and take her for granted. Ugggh, I can’t even share this with my gal or I could be in trouble. This has got to be about Bitcoin .

"I see a little more into the New Year but it is very blurry. Shall I continue?”, inquired Madam Zoe making sure to let my girl know this would cost a couple extra Litecoin but that she would also take Ripple. I hope she meant wine and not the virtual currency otherwise I am going to have to ask my girl to consider another psychic. My girl told her to go ahead.

In a tone of triumph, Madam Zoe told my girl that, “I see him being rewarded handsomely the first week of the New Year for being patient and diligent. I see the number 21 playing an important role on or around January 7th. Oh no, he will be tested soon after and his reward may be taken from him. " WTF, stupid psychic! She gives me good news just to rip the rug out from under me. Ok, so maybe price goes up and I get greedy as usual and don't sell and price starts to dump like usual. That sounds so much like me.

While letting my girl “It is not as clear beyond but I see the color red in February and the number 15. I am sorry dear. What I see is not a romantic red and not about Valentine’s day. All is not lost, there is something vague and very similar to what I saw in October that will happen that is bad and good at the sametime.” Sucks to be my girl. I guess Valentine’s day isn’t going to be very romantic and this sounds like it does not bode well for me or the price of Bitcoin . It sounds like she sees the price of Bitcoin tanking in February. Yet, what if the other vague thing she is talking about that is both good and bad and similar to what she saw in October is another stock market crash that spurs another bull run in Bitcoin .

“The last thing I see is that he is depressed in March at a time when he should not be. I see the number 11 and 42 and a coffee cup. It is blurry but he seems to get excited about the coffee cup and it is related to the number 11 somehow and both lead to something related to the number 42. Is there something special maybe on or around March 11th, is it his Birthday and is he turning 42 and maybe he will have coffee with dear friends that day. ”, said the Madam Zoe

My girl responded with, “Well his birthday is in March but it isn’t on the 11th and he sure as hell isn’t going to be 42 years old and if he drinks anything with his dear friends it is shots of Tequila until he is a blacked out drunk lunatic. So, if you think you are getting a couple extra Litecoins for your con job then you better get a new gig Madam WRONG!” as she stormed out. Gotta be proud of her. That is my gal. Love her.

Later in the day, I started to wonder if maybe just maybe Madam Zoe was onto something. It was one of those back of your mind itching thoughts that I just couldn’t shake. I started to actually consider that maybe, just maybe, some random psychic in a backwater suburb has just as much market information for price discovery as a data feed does. Maybe Madam Zoe has some intuitive psychic connection

So, an irrational waste of time, I decided to analyze what Madam Zoe said just like I would any other data and I decided to see if I could line up the dates and numbers and chart it alongside Bitcoin’s price.

Lo and behold, to my amazement maybe Madam Zoe was really onto something because the last few days her data has lined right up and correlate sto where Bitcoin’s price has gone which means if I plot all the data and numbers she provided that we should see the following happen. Albeit maybe not the exact dates she implied with her visions, the general timeline seems reasonable.

BTC price will hit the 5ks toward the end of September 2018.
The VanEck-SolidX ETF will be approved but regardless of whether it is or isn’t BTC price will still sink into the low 5ks and maybe down to 4,200 or 3,100.
The stock market is oversold and overheated and there will be a crash in October 2018.
Charting her information does show a cup & handle on the weekly chart by year.
A cup & handle would have to pull back before the next parabolic move up for Bitcoin .
Her numbers line up like magic beans.

Although, maybe and more likely, I am just like Madam Zoe and I am WRONG. Just like my girl called her Madam WRONG maybe I am Mr. WRONG. Which is not unusual. I think most of us are more used to being wrong than right. The difference is what we do when we are wrong, what we learn from being wrong and how we control the loss when we are wrong.

Safe trading Bulltards, Bearturds and Whalefarts! May the Nope Be with You!

May All Your Turds Be Blessed,
Lord Toast Head of Church of Poomoji

P.S. Obviously this is more creative writing than TA. So, if you you would like a blessing from the Our Saviour and Great Lord the Great Poomoji then please send a donation to one of the addresses below and a message. As a dedicated disciple and follower I will deliver the donation and your blessing. All donations will go to spreading the great word of Poomoji and teaching all to be as shitty to one and all.

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