BItCOiNa has a path to 120k and you aren't gonna like it

I mean, this is it. It run up to 120k right to the number. but the rejection needs to be seen around 76-81 and maybe 84 but idk yet.
It would absolutely covid crash the price and wick it down to like almost zero.
The return and I imagine where most people get in will be right around 25k maybe 29k.
It climbs really fast at that point.
retraces into may and june and then we get a big push to 1.2mil to round out the year.
Then big crash.

That is all should this scenario play out. Otherwise this chart is worthless.
I'm telling you, this is a very real scenario that could occur.
But probability wise, it's low.
But it fits, and it's possible.
Keep an eye out.
am crazy.
okay. ty.

Alt coins need to spring and crash before bitcoin crashes, which takes them all down together, the alt coins mostly die and the profits likely pump bitcoin to those levels.
Oh and then probably TSLA, META, MSFT, NVDA, APPLE and a few other all start saying they bought the dip. BIG jump. Followed by everyone saying "well it's a long term hold ya know, I play the long game, it'll come back to a mil."
Just saying, should this occur, you could probably make a mini fortune shorting MSTR and then buying the dip in calls. Again, just saying.
A move like this would make that stock price move like you wouldn't believe.
I almost think I can prove this scenario to occur, but it's all meaningless until it happens and it's too late at that point. Read at your own risk beyond this point. Not financial advice and borderline belongs in a conspiracy sub. However, take a look, I'll be right here and you can come back and call me dumb.

BUT, MSTR and BTC have very limited upside potential in the near future.
Look at the BTC related stocks and the downside targets, then find the upside targets. You'll likely notice some big swings showing.
Next, ALT coins and ETH. BTC with a decent jump and stability is moving ALT coins some 100% or more in pulses, check the alignment within the next few weeks. Should BTC make the next move to 81 then it is more than likely the alt coins will make their next big move, which puts them almost all at the TOP side targets staring down 80% retracement levels, which is pretty normal for crypto before the big drop starts. ETH should see the big move from the ALT coins pumping and should also lose the move after they start crashing, but should lag a small amount.
BTC will take the market down for crypto, I'm sure the stock market is setting up NVDA, NETFLIX... and a few others to do the same on their side. See how Bill Ackman(idk how to spell it) is rumored to have caused the covid drop, because it's almost the exact same circumstances but overseas tensions vs viruses.
Next, you absolutely need to see GME retracing to almost the bottom price target before single digit massive drops, meaning, unlikely but if they do, it will spring quickly, the upside on GME is 64 from the current 10.. Yep. Very likely to see $20 next week.
BBBYQ, Ichan, Cohen.. Pay attention to the outcome of this because pulling a company into OTC, squeezing out the short selling, and restructuring with ch11 is not a bad move for literally a LOT of stocks. Should they have found a way to protect shareholders, lookout. like literally lookout. BIG.
Next, Compare to Tsla, Appl, MSFT, Nvda, AMD, Meta to bitcoin, lookup the dates they started hiring crypto experts, skip forward in time a little bit and see where btc starts to match up with these companies potentially doing some shopping. WHICH probably starts with Tsla spiking the price and looking stupid in the short term while the price crashes, allowing everyone to look like geniuses for buying the dip and pumping the price to 1mil over the next 9 months.
Now, you also need to look at the put/call ratios and other metrics on the options for a significant amount of stocks (group 1), BTC related stocks (group 2), and rumored companies wanting BTC (group 3). You should notice some weird coincidences with the dates all aligning.
Now 4/20 is weird right.
You know if someone with enough money to cause a 40% market crash is planning on doing that, someone else must know. If the timing is right, a lot of weird things can happen in a really short amount of time, and on paper, cause some margin issues just long enough where having that extra capital to lose might be the difference between keeping all your stuff or selling it all for pennies due to cash flow.
NOW, check the banks, 190 identified in Jan before covid, Feb was the crash bleeding into April, late April, there is your timeline, likely. But again, a simple coincidence.
Until you see Berkshire, and everything happening with Wells Fargo, and BAC and a couple other bigger holdings. What? I'm not sure, but someone is going after land via starbucks and MCdonalds so, why not berkshire too. Especially if they are funding some one the institutions taking on these massive shorts to drive companies in the bankruptcy and pump balance sheets so my stock price can be 300k per share..
Check up on Pulte in NYC.
Check up on Elon in Texas, holy land.
Check up on Elon in San Fran, Tech capital of the world, with stupid expensive garbage realestate would be a great target if I wanted to drive to technology stocks in order to buy them for much cheaper. But first, I'd need to run them up and get a lot of those loaned shares back on the open market, and put them people refusing to sell in a situation where I gave them so much money, they have to buy high or lose the complete control of the company. (it's way more complicated than this, use your imagination or just ask chatgpt or something).
And Elon borrows 44B to short twitter to the ground, he's fine because he spent other people's money while selling his company at the top and using dogecoin to drive down some of the apps that do buying and selling in crypto.
How conspiracy should we get today? Because a lot of that money was tied to saudi oil and check out what is gearing up to essentially crash similar to covid. All while dubai just spent a massive amount of money on a lot of projects, loaned out a ton, and now what happens if it all drops together and oil suddenly isn't nearly as valuable, how do you keep the cash flow... flowing, without selling a lot of your bitcoin err.. I mean assets, for cheap. Allowing me to run up the price to a point where you can't afford it until I start dropping it. At which point, checkmate.
Shall we keep going. Because Jeff Bezos, Hedge fund dude, big hedge fund dude, really really great at gaining market share while running at a loss in order to drive out competition, while I use my big hedge fund friends to profit while I lose and in return they can just pump my stock when I get more of it, but in the mean time, BOY OH BOY china's alibaba would be nice to have and if I sell my company at the top, I can buy the bottom of baba, it will fly, my stock will drop, union is in trouble, can they outlast my multiple billions, maybe, but probably not. Especially if a lot of those people hold amazon stock, which they do. After the mess is over and my problems are solved, trim some profits from the market crash and eventual pump to all time highs, and own most of online retail everywhere. But first, it would be a good idea to make sure local retail went down so I can start rebuilding mall life in america as a distribution venue in prime location. Good thing those companies aren't really a big deal or talking about much in the last few years, right?.. Plus chinese stocks never squeeze up 3000% or so in a day.
Also, why isn't elon just straight up buying robinhood, it has everything he wants and they sit on a massive pool of doge, he just has to change the logo, combine with twitter and boom, xapp with currency and banking and everything. Then I'd probably ipo spacex, become a trillionaire, pull tesla private, tie the value of twitter, tesla, xapp to crypto themed after a dog, backed by bitcoin, and then live on mars while the public holds most of my debt, cuz space is expensive bro.

SPEAKING OF SPACE. WTF IS GOING ON WITH ALIENS. Like okay, that's a thing now. but what TECHNOLOGY does that bring and what technology that flies around in the air does that make obsolete pretty quickly. ch11 and restructure brings in new $$$, sell the old planes to private hands, buy land so when they store those 747's they end up paying me for the plan I sold them. Tricky game, eh. Are aliens real? Uh, idk, at this point i think the argument is over the definition alien because the ocean is massive and the earth has a lot of caves.

NOW, after all that, there's more, let's keep going. Look at the "meme" companies, but not totally meme companies like GME. I'm talking Snow, Zillow, Zoom... Where are they sitting, and where are they looking to go? Who ate the loss on those btw, I've been in the woods and missed some things, which is why all the crazy talk. Okay, this has been fun.

Here's the big lesson because I can only saying everything is coincidence, I've never talked to jeff other than calling him a dbag occasionally on twitter, but old habits die hard, ya know. I can't know that anything I said about him is what he intends, for all I know, the dude might just want to wear tight shirts and cowboy hats as AI life with a downloaded consciousness allowing him the forever happy timeline of getting to fire people for wanting to pee. again, no proof on that, sure sounds true, which is probably the problem of this whole thing. If the crazy shit people say about you is believable enough because of who you are as a person, maybe there is blame to fall in two directions.

Here is the big lesson i'd take away from this if you killed you brain cells and continued to read this far. BASICALLY,
Sometimes you don't need to be right, you just need to be close enough so someone smarter can disprove you and end up learning some neat things in the process.
People can lose their ego, confidence and more from being incorrect just 1 time, luckily the market trains you for a lifetime of incorrect choices in about 3 to 7 months. But it's hard to damage the ego when your set out to disprove allowing for that 1 in a million shot. :)

Good luck everyone!! I am 100% serious about this alignment and projected movement being a real possibility, but I'm also realistic and understand that it might not happen even close to that.

OH and why do super rich dudes with amazing lawyers keep losing the most expensive lawsuits. Like it's not insider trading if the judge orders the sale, right? Asking for a friend whose law team in tied up in jail atm. and maybe gather advice for my future in divorce litigation. I was heart broken for BILL and JEFF but such is life, and everyone got quite a bit of money at the top. Like always...
haha, have a good weekend everyone!
totally forgot to even touch on cannabis, fentanyl, canada rail road, fracking, overseas streaming platforms, trade deals and more open borders. Lots to find there and it all relates to literally everything you see play out in these chart movements that we traders watch all day and night.

Fracking = manitoba and winnipeg?
Rail = open border between Winnipeg area and right into the states and straight down south, into the great lakes, into canada, into the east coast, west coast.. BIG fracking deposit up there. Would be excellent to use while oil was hard to come by due to tensions overseas. (shipping companies, look at the alignment for the movements coming up).
Cannabis - tlry is all over, but us is where the money is. Legalization is popular on both sides for weed, but being leveraged for money and political power, however, it will happen, and that could see some weird stuff happen in the "drink" market.
streaming platforms "coupang, chinese twitch, the guy who does truth wallet I think is doing something in australia but I could be totally wrong on that"
Fentanyl, the money is flowing through china and into mexico, am I saying either one of those countries are to blame, uh, probably not. I can't even control my dog most days, let along stop nearly 1.4 billion people from moving money in order sell drugs. The real fight here is over designation of terrorism groups which gives our military a whole lot of power to just step right into mexico, other people would literally rather just see the money go to programs allowing for complete legalization, regulations, taxes, and social programs/health care for addiction.
Open borders, well obviously they don't want it with mexico, but canada is weird because we share like an entire border of populated areas with them. The amount of potential money if you unrestrict travel from the event that happened in 2001 would be massive. Also, should note canada's housing cost issue, and how the us isn't too far behind. Another thing to note, there are certain places where US territory is cut off from the mainland due to water and canadian land, it's dumb and I'm 100% part of any potential deal the dems are working on will help solve those little issues.
I'm still into this idea, timing is hard, but the charts still reflect a move like this. It aligns with the market as a whole.
Watch that cycle start with a big wick to the downside.


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